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The following is a piece of writing submitted by infamousjk on January 30, 2014
"Short Story with an unbelievable journey."

Spirit of man and the heart of beast.

Slipping off into a trance a mind melting world bends into place.
"I could not be more sober". He thinks out loud. This dies out after the world he knew became a jungle. Looking up he is terrified of the swarm of flying tigers. A v-shaped pattern is coming down at him at full force.

Burly hands pull him behind the trees covering his mouth. "They can not fly in here. You are safe, for now". An assuring voice tells him.
He can not really make out what this lumbering figure is. "Hello, who are you... what are you?

"Do you speak English?" He asks curiously. My name is Lucas."
"My name is Garak". He replies stoically. "what is going on here... where am I"? he replies. "You are in a mystic tropical forest even we do not have a proper name for". It is old as time hidden off in another universe linked to your world.

"You are here vicariously, you are not the first human to be here".
"So what happens if i am harmed here?" Asking with a hint of apprehension. Physically you will be fine in your universe. Unless you die here, so does your mind."

"I do not want to be a vegetable! Lucas exclaims. This has to be a dream." "It is similar to what your universe calls a lucid dream; everything here is as real as you want it to be". Garak explains.

"So then i could just leave when ever I want write? Tell me how i can get back now"! Lucas demands. "It is not that simple we must make it to the temple of cosmos. There all questions and door ways are found".
Garak informs.

"Come on we must hurry, Lucas". Garak commands. Lucas and Garak barge for the sunlight out of the trees. Trees have blue leaves, grass is sun shine yellow, the sky is beautiful painted with a beautiful cream-sickle orange.

Lucas really takes in the savanna outside the trees. Animals are obscure, able to have coherent conversations, and still instinctual.
Garak was a huge gorilla wearing a bone necklace with prominent shoulders and fists like small boulders.

This really showed how small Lucas was since he was a small boy with brown hair like a mop and green eyes. He was around fourteen brimming with adventure. Garak! Lucas scrams. Look out!. Swooping down a huge pterodactyl slams Garak in his right side.

Garak slumps over like a sack of potatoes thrown from the falling off a truck. Lucas panics picking up a rock throwing it at the pterodactyl's head. Shaking back to consciousness Garak throws a mighty blow to the winged beasts stomach, followed by a headbutt.

"Skirmish is over kid, for now. Garak says. Lets keep trucking" They travel a bit further noticing a huge set of steps. It leads to the temple of the cosmos; resembling a slew of rocks bound together with a colossal rope.

Wasting no time they make it up the stairs but here a rickety dry scarping noise. It was the crumbling of animal bones. "Lucas this temple is guarded by the remains of travelers. littered with heroes and thieves alike."

"What do we do!? shouts Lucas" "Run to the inside of the temple we can take them in there." Replies Garak. Running up the stairs they start running low on breath. Making it inside there is a tree with roots entangling through the floor. Which crept up the walls to what seemed like shaking hand on the ceiling.

Natural beauty presented itself with spiritual energy wrapping around the remnants of champions before him. Rumbling starts stirring the temple, this ginormous tree is sucking life out of the vicinity. They both loose strength in their legs.

The tree begins to talk. "I am an extension of the cosmos to help guide the living and the dead. To get out of this realm you must face your worst fear." It speaks with a great wise tone. Uneasy vibes start to show the reality of how powerless; they are compared to this being.

The tree creates the floor beneath him into nothing but clouds.
Lucas begins to cry he is scared of heights since. The flying tigers from earlier are sent after him to rip him to pieces. All ready this seems inescapable.

Garak!...Garak! Neither time he hears him. He is off in the chamber out of his mini-dimension. Lucas notices the clouds are solid. Treating them as rocks in a river. Jumping from cloud to cloud he can not keep this up. Slipping he holds on to the edge a tiger zeros in planning to take a hearty chomp.

He grabs that same tigers back holding on for dear life. Forcing its mouth open with vice grip action he grabs the tigers tooth. Pulling it out it turns into a sword. In which the blade is made out of a tigers tooth.

He rides the majestic beast slicing off the other tigers wings to his side. After the tigers plummet to their doom. A mirage sequence follows out of thin air. It all seems to familiar but not welcoming.
He sees all these people screaming.

The door slams open throwing a dopple-ganger out to greet him.
"Save them Lucas! Save them from your cowardice".His words are harsh, deep and true. Lucas knew this is his problem he must deal with it.

He remembered these unreal situations would happen we he had seizures. This was from the crash he had these since he was nine. Swords clash but nothing connects. The impostor gets a good kick in knocking Lucas down. "It is ok Lucas, this is all over there will be no more pain. Remember mom loves you just lye down".

He feels a sharp pain the impostor disappears but his mother melds into place. He wakes up staring at Garak who is mourning his believable death. "I am alive Garak!" "What happened did you succeed?" He asks. "No, my fear got the best of me i am sorry i got so demanding with you earlier".

"Do not worry Lucas you are safe". The tree begins to speak to him again. "Since you did not conquer your fear will remain here". "With Garak and your dream like majestic world; just a walk can be an unbelievable adventure".

"However i must know, what happened to my body". Lucas questioned. You were at an amusement park you had a seizure from a bully throwing you in a ferris wheel cart and scaring you. All your loved ones are mourning you know at your funeral".

"When your mind shut down you somehow wound up here. As long as you are alive here you can live forever. He notices a gorilla body in the corner. Garak walks over. "Dallah!" He screams in anguish.

"Who is that" Lucas asked puzzled and concerned. "Dallah was my wife". "Garak, stand aside please he walks over to Dallah taking a tear from Garak and placing it on her forehead. "When i am here what ever I can envision can come to life. So i am hoping i could bring her back".

After a moment she begins to cough and regain some composure.
"Garak!" She screams joyously. "Dallah, how are you?.. I thought you were dead?" He was stupefied. "Earlier Garak told me this was a lucid dream state for my conscience.

"I learned that this game me powers to change things; I do not know the extent of my powers." Garak and Dallah grab Lucas forcing him into a group hug. "As long as you are with us Lucas you are family".
"Do you really mean that Garak?" Lucas asks cheerfully.

"Of course, we shall journey together as a family". Restoring peace to this world". Since it has no name i will let you do the honors kid"
"How about Akila"? He says confidently. "We love it, it describes how beautiful this place really is."

"What ever happens next we will be ready". Garak Says proudly.
"It can wait till tomorrow...I know two great men who need their rest".
This scene transitions to a scene gathered at a burial smothered by grieving family; his mother is bursting with tears screaming at the bullies family.

Lucas is somewhat happy but is burdened with tremendous pain know he has lost everyone he ever knew. Playing back his mother in tears even though he is not there. His spirit is aware of the turmoil his death has brought.

His Tombstone reads "Lucas luckheart- rest in peace my dreaming son".

The End.

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