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The following is a piece of writing submitted by infamousjk on January 31, 2014
"This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: sixteen, table tennis, adventure"

Table tennis for the galaxy

A flash mob of teenagers cause collateral damage of pictures, furniture, shelves. In this flooding calamity screams and shrills of laughter. "Derek, happy birthday bro. So i have this awesome idea lets play table tennis drunk."

Derek's friend lines up shots on the table as they begin to drink they notice they feel odd. "Fred, what is this exactly that you gave us". He asks slightly concerned. "It is absinthe bro, bootleg from my German cousin. He calls it Energisch which means protest".

"Protest? He laughs with a retort. Man, you really did it now we are in deep after this monster". Pounding a few shots down they decide it is time to have a heated match of table tennis. Derek tries to pick up the ball but it is too heavy. He swings the paddle the ball flies through the window creating a perfect hole.

Amazed by the fact the window did not shatter both friends sat in a stupor. No one else at the party seemed to notice. The duo ran outside noticing the ball left a small crater in the yard. "Dude your parents are going to be steamed" Fred says worriedly. "Forget about that how are we supposed to lift this". Derek says.

The ball began to change colors rapidly as if were a strobe light; till it eventually stopped and went back to yellow. It sprouted small legs and arms then grew bigger till it was about 3 feet tall. The ball then began to speak.

"Hello my name is Boss and i am here to take revenge; humans have been mistreating brethren. His voice was serious. Beer pong, table tennis, carnival games, crafts everything to destroy us." Silence filled the air they were not sure if this was real or an hallucination.

"I'll tell you what boys lets make a wager shall we? he says confidently.
Lets play a match of table tennis for the fate of the your race, you two verses me. Pointing at them spitefully. I can see it now anthropomorphic tennis balls roaming around; watering lawns, enslaving humans, maybe families."

"Fine your going down, Derek screams. I say we play at my house though" Derek demands. "Fair enough, lets start gentleman". Boss snaps his fingers all the teenagers come out circling the two. Grunting angrily and rising his hands a stone table sprouts from the ground.

"I do not like a crowd excuse me for a moment. Volcanoes open up as a fence in a ring to make sure no one gets in or out. Hope you don't mind but will be using my ball". "Come on Fred we can stomp him drunk or not".

Boss pulls out a ball shaped like a human skull with disco eyes in the sockets. Boss's sunglasses and stone cold stare glared in the sun. This was no longer a mere game, the duo saw this preparing. Boss pulled out two paddles threw them at the two and laughed.

"Is this some kind of a joke?" Derek says angrily. It bore a picture of boss in a lawn chair sipping ice tea; Derek and Fred were fanning him with leaves on each side of him. "Why no... don't you want to be my assistant? " He chuckles.

"Game on!" They all three yell. Boss throws the first swing the skull is flaming he hit it so hard. Swings of fury are hard to read boss is leading them on. They get lucky Boss slips missing, it flies under his arm they get a point.

The power duo high fives each other. Boss is angry now He sprouts two more arms with two more paddles. Fred screams"That's cheating".
"Its for the fate of the planet, there are no rules. Best three of five you brats". The battle really gets heavy.

A tornado of after images fill the air. This skill is impressive but still no match for boss he scores a point. Derek clinches his paddle in anger, heatwaves are literally coming from his forehead. "Ok bro lets crush him"! Boss throws two balls into the fray after this serve followed by even swings.

Boss, Derek, and Fred hit the ball knocking them into both sides Fred gets his arm; Boss is pushed back given a black eye plus a broken shade. He screams violently raising a demon on his side to knock down the balls Derek will serve.

"Derek, I don't know if i can last any longer. Fred already sounds defeated. It is okay man i promise, i got this" Fred sounds even more determined."Beat that brat". Derek is seething with rage he must get revenge for Fred; not even mention the fate of the world and grounded for life.

Every volley was deflected by the demon. It seemed impossible then his sight was blurry his judgement was clouded. Gracefully the party skull was floating towards the ground. Boss could see money, limousines, dictatorship.

The American dream: getting up in the morning dog bringing the paper, coffee, bacon, broken marriage on the hinge of divorce, and nothing but the seed in the high chair to glue it together. He saw that perfect portrait on his paddles becoming reality in slow motion.

Summer sun, iced tea and basking in the sun fanned by his adversaries. All of a sudden Derek base ball slides hitting the ball up. Bouncing in a prideful little hops Boss or his lackey are already celebrating in his thought misfortune.

"Gahh! This is not over Derek, i will have my revenge on you and your friend". Fred gets up coughing "Dude! We won, righteous". A car pulls up in the drive way. His parents get out lost for words. "Happy Birthday!" Boss interjects disappearing before everyone's eyes.

Leaving the volcanoes, the perfect circle in the window, stone table, and crater. This disaster was unbelievable. "I will not even try to explain what happened but we got drunk, had a party, played table tennis,saved the world, OH... and Fred broke his arm". Derek said this in a quick breath". "Oh, is that all?" His father snapped.

"The only thing you saved was our station wagon from leaving the garage." Derek's mother added. "Happy Sixteenth birthday bro; now have we learned anything?"Fred asks cheerfully. "Imported beer is the new roller coaster?" Derek answers with another question." "No, we are American heroes, Fred adds confidently."

After the discourse Derek is sent to his room. Sitting on his bed he looks over on his tv. The national table tennis tournament is on. Flipping through every channel it is the same thing on every one.
He looks down on the floor noticing the skull ball from earlier.

Picking it up he feels uncomfortable; the ball stares at him with some mystical energy flowing from his eyes. "Happy Birthday!! Evil maniacal laughing begins spouting louder continuously from its mouth. Derek lets out a long scream in anguish.

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