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The following is a piece of writing submitted by infamousjk on February 2, 2014
"Two undead boys try to fulfill their dream of bad comics. While trying to return a pet spider that is making them earn every penny."

Undead riches.

"Today was a wonderful day huh Greg"? "Are you kidding me we found the monster on the back of the milk carton. If we keep this up we can walk every little ankle-biter in town". Greg replies, he then begins to day dream.

Swimming around in mountains of mind numbing comics and candy bars.
Surreal fantasies of this enticed all of his senses. Greg! Greg! his friend snapped while yelling his name. A puddle of drool was oozing from his mouth going into the drain. His friend was all but swimming in it to keep from being swept away.

"Sorry Jake, but i think motivation will be the last of my worries." Greg apologizes scheming a way to make some cash. Jake was staring at Greg's bug eyes that seemed to inflate when ever he had a bright idea.

"Jake i know exactly how we can buy the new anthology of Zombies for Dinner". "Dude, we cant afford that". Jake replies defeated. "We can if we catch one last pet. Mrs.Arachnid lost her six-foot tarantula around a week ago". Greg says.

"NO WAY"! Jake screams shortly after he begins shaking. "It only eats small pets; besides don't be such a wimpy pony". Greg says nonchalantly. High pitched screams fill the air looking around they notice it is only a horror movie on Mr.Werewolf's tv.

How's a couple of 11 year old zombies supposed to take down a six-foot spider!? Webs shoot out from around the block wrapping up the skeleton cat; reeling it in the tarantula uses this as bait fishing for her dinner. Their trail ends at a house full of graves, it was Old Man Knox's house.

"This has gone too far Greg, Knox will have a police flash back and we will be killed! Jake screams, Greg wonders if he is right for a moment.
"Jake, we have to save that cat". Greg says heroically.

A pizza delivery truck pulls up, stopping in front of Mr.Knox house.
"Jake, I have an idea follow me" Greg commands. They hide in a bush waiting for him to get to the door. The dynamic duo darts out of the bush tackling the delivery guy.

Coming out of the bush dressed up as an impostor delivery man; standing on top of each other shoulders hoping this hair brained scheme will work. Ringing the door bell they wait and hear shuffling footsteps.

Opening the door a tall older zombie opens the door. His left eye is hanging out of its socket, his jaw is slightly crooked and seems to be a bit senile. "What who's there"? Mr.Knox asks angrily. "Were from eye ball pizza.Greg tries imitating a deeper voice.Your total comes up"!

Splitting into two they dash in serpentine pattern; over furniture, hustling to his back yard. Dodging Mr.Knox and the objects he hurls at them. Finally they make it to his back yard, building a makeshift blockade of lawn decorations.

The two friends see Mrs.Arachnids tarantula hanging on a clothes line on its web. It is picking its teeth with the skeleton cats ribs while the cats head meows on the ground. The cats skull meows like a broken record; spinning in circles as if it were a broken record.

They circle the spider grabbing its web and wrap it up in its silk.
They tug it through their neighbor hood resembling to elfs carrying Santas sack. The houses were decrepit and rotten. However in a community of zombies it was middle class heaven.

Getting to Mrs.Arachnids house she hugs them so hard their heads pop off their bodies falling back down connecting.
"I can not thank you enough, boys how can i ever repay you for saving my adorable Susan".

"Well Mrs.Arachnid, have you heard of Zombies for Dinner"? Jake asks politely. "Of course, but those humans killing zombies! It just gives me nightmares thinking about it. "Those are for older boys so let me see if it is okay with your parents".

The gregarious old woman comes back with the phone handing it to Greg. His mother scolds him so violently through the phone him and his friend shake dramatically. "Mrs.Arachnid, my mother says she would like to speak to you about my reward".

"Hm..oh yes i will tell him. She listens kindly then says, Greg since you barged into Mr.Knoxs house. You caused damaged since this happened i am giving the money to him; to make up for your reckless behavior.

Greg disassembles himself into a pile of parts at her door step in sadness. "Don't worry I will make sure he gets home". Jake sweeps him in a dust pan and head for home after a long days work.


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