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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Rt Louis on March 4, 2014
"Looking back can be a good way for moving forward."

Taking a Mulligan

There are so many choices in my past that make me think "What if". I think this is a sentiment we all share and the choice that stands out the most changes as time passes. I guess it's more about what matters most at the moment. I believe this is a good thing for me, that I haven't made too many major mistakes that one moment in time sticks out as something that I really wish I could change. Maybe it's a bad thing, I just don't realize how severe or detrimental some of my choices have been. Or maybe deep down I just know the truth, that what I think would come of making any changes to my past are just fantasy. Even though, most recently one previous decision or lack of one keeps crossing my mind as something I wish I could change.

My Mulligan would be not following through on my Aunt's advice to invest some of my earnings after I got my first job. Recently finances, career, and retirement have become more of a priority in my life. Previously these things weighed lightly on my mind, I knew they were important and I would figure them out eventually. I guess that time has come.

I think I would be better off financially if I had taken her advice, maybe even able to retire early. Even when I take into account all the Stock Market bubbles bursting, the housing down turn and other financial crises since my first paycheck. The Market does consistently go up when you look at the broad range of it's life span. What the news outlets call financial crises, I think investors call 'corrections'. The Market is just correcting itself when ever it drops, or so I read.

I'm sure in a few years anther decision will take top spot for what I wish I could do over, and I will fantasize about how it would make my life better. I do not think these fantasies are in vain, they should serve as a reminder or as courage to take the better path when the time comes again. Because as well all know... the past will repeat itself, if you're not happy with it, don't repeat yourself.

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