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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Vaids on January 16, 2015

And I almost died...

And I was almost died..

Does Life and people are made To be used..?
Does Life of a girl is just made to be used by others...?
She doesnt have a right to enjoy her own Life..?

Girl : This days girl is defined as a materialistic thing in this world..Well is there any definition to define a Girl..??
If so than How Boys should be defined..??Why girls are Always Judged..?Why girls are Not set free..?
Free?? Well I know you will say that girls are most forward person nowadays..But Have You ever think is each and every girl is forward??
and the girls who are forward are safe..??? And the answer is Big "NO"..
The forward girls are unsafe because they are looking forward for themselves..because they are living and wants to enjoy freedom..And very main..
because the mentality of people is so Backward..

After reading this everything..Eventually u have to come to know that about whom I am going to talk and about what I am going to talk..
YES..About Girl and her Story..

(Present Time)

Doctor:She is so serious..She needs to be operated or she wont be no more..And its a case of rape..So First inform Police than only we can do anything..

It was 9:15 and I was almost lied for more than 3 hours on stretcher with a single cloth which was covered by a stranger...just because POLICE havent arrived..I was crying through Pain..
The blood was flowing through each and every part of my body..The cloth was full of red coloured..The stranger was begging Doctor to do operation..
but Dr. dint uttered a single word..Lying on a stretcher I was crying out to help to get over me through this pain..
But no one heard and dint even covered up with another cloth..

And Almost after sometime Police arrived..and the case was reported..I was than taken to O.T. And all after 3 hours Operation was over and doctor Announced that I am still
in danger..He added that my body has lost most of the blood..and needs to be bottled of blood And severe thing was
my blood group was not available in the hospital or any blood banks of city..My ..hearing this...
The stranger asked doctor if he can donate his blood as his blood group is same as my blood group...!

The Doctor replied : Your body has to be checked Up..So that they can conclude with the result..
The boy agreed and went for check up..

On the other side...
The Police started searching for what was happened all through out...
They interpretate with the Stranger...And took all information about the worst thing happened that night...

By the other Side..The report was matched and all good that the guy donated his blood to me..
I have been operated but still I was not concious..
The police was all waiting for me to get concious so that they can take my statement..

The next morning..I had just hardly open my eyes and I was all wondered Press People all round me taking snaps of mine and shouting and asking of what I was going through?
What happened with me last night And who were they.. Who did this to me..? What you are going to do next..? Did your parents know about this..? Where are You from..?
Who are You..?
This all questions were dancing all round my mind and I was like where I am just now..?
I was all confused that why were they asking such questions..? How I came to this bed..?

I was like an idol that moment..Looking at my condition Doctor made Press people out of the O.T.
Crying out in pain with no loud voice and with no audible sound and all with unconcious condition I asked Dr. : What I am doing here..? How I reached here..? What happened to me..?
Dr. seeing my reactions picked it up that I was all Unaware about what had happened to me and than Softly responded with all concern that You were brought by a Guy last night
and You had met with an accident..And added that I need to take rest..Giving me an injection of anesthesia I was made to sleep..

The same way police was just waiting for me to come in concious stage so that they can take it out my statement..
All of sudden nurse started screaming : Dr. Dr. she is loosing her beats..
Dr. came running and checked me and gave up some injections and all of sudden I stopped responding..And Dr. concluded that I was in critical stage...and sentenced that
I dont have that pretty much Time..

Hearing this The guy who was all through with me this days Fainted..
He was than admitted and was look over it..

(After 15 hours of sleep..)

I woked up with all fear and shocking face...I started screaming "HELP ME" "HELP ME"...
Hearing this Dr. came upon and told me to cool down...I was been cooled down and inside I was just dieing...

I was still unaware of what actually happened but the only thing I remembered is that I was been treated like hell...
All was I thinking was just to punish those cruel people...

Knowing that I am in condition to talk..Police came to take my Statement...

Police Inspector asked me to keep myself cool and calm and answer whatever happened with me..
He Started inquiring...He asked about my family..and He told that he will inform them..

After sometime a guy entered the room..with a smile+crying face...I was all unknown to him.
Police Inspector intoduced Me to the Guy that Do I know him..?
And with no expression I declined..
Added by Inspector that he is the one who brought me to the hospital...And because of him you are still alive..

I was Like crying and with tears I thanked him..And he Welcomed back By wiping my tears..Looking at his face I was bit confused that why he is behaving strange and looking at me
as he only brought me..
I asked him that Did police informed my family about me..?
He dint responded..
I again asked him that where is my family.? I want to meet my parents..
And with a question mark face I cried down..
Looking at my condition...The guy replied that her family is not ready to come and meet her..
I was shocked hearing this..And I started Crying loudly...The guy made me calm..and told me to rest..

On the other side according to my statement..Police started Investigating..
The News were flashed all around the country...(Which I was totally unaware)
The whole country wanted to know my story...

The News were flowing like wind in whole country..Sentencing The Girl Raped..!
The guy stayed all time with me..And introduced himself as A Mitra.(His Name) and asked my name.I replied back : Avni
He asked me..That what had happened with me..

And with a crying face I started telling my story..


I was around 17..And was studying highschool in St.Mary School..I used to be so frank..I was helping by nature..and was short-tempered in wrong things..
The school contained both boys and girls..And were of rich families..and I was from Middle-class family..
But though it wasnt a matter for all...I used to have a big group of friends or u can say a gang...
It was 11th grade newly days..
My group contained 6 Girls and 4 boys..and among them one girl was my best friend ...Best Friend like we were having 7 years of friendship..Nobody was dare to broke our friendship..
And a Guy who was too a best friend of mine since 7 years but due to some things we broke our friendship in 8th grade and again patched up in 9th grade..Our group contained
2 couples...
Studying in Highschool..and in science stream was a proud..
We hardly used to listen our teachers..My gang was famous in Doing Mischive Things..and pranks..
We used to hangout at every Fine day..after Classes..

All was going good...
But all of sudden day by day my gang started ignoring me...Even my best friend..
And I was all unknown that what was going in their heads..

Days passed..but ignorance was then changed into torturement..And the main guy who was happy doing that was my broken up best friend..

I was been harrassed with cruel words..Everyday I was tortured with different types of ways..
Someday water used to be thrown or someday my money used to be stolen..
Someday my hairs were cutten down..
Someday my clothes were torn down..

I begged my other class members to support me to tell everything to the Principal...
But none supported me..
The harassment was going harsh day by day..
I was unable to tell anyone..Nor teachers..As they were in favour of those cruel people..
Nor family..
Everyday when I used to get back home..My mom Used to ask me that what happened with me and clothes..
But everyday I used to give some and other reasons..
I was broken down in Depression..
I was not having a single person to discuss with..
I stopped eating..
I used to be awake whole night and used to cry..

One fine day..
My 2 friends who were a part of their gang..Came to me and started crying..
I asked them that why they are crying..
And all of sudden they begged me and said sorry to me...For what they did..
I talked to them and asked that why they are crying..And all in shock they replied that they had been used by their boyfriends..and added that
It was a plan of them to torture you..And the main who actually planned was My broken up Friend.."BEST FRIEND"

I straightly complained to my Principal and she assured to punish them...

Knowing this..
All of the gang..Came to me..and begged me..And were appologizing for what they did..
They Assured that they will never do this again..

And Unknowingly of future I fogive..

First some days were too good as we it used to be before..All that hangouts & all..But my two Friends made me aware that they are just being fake..
and told me to aware..

One fine Sunday..My broken up Best Friend called me and told me that they all are going to outskirts of city to hangout...And asked me if I wanted to come..
So I said Yes...He told he will pick me up..and than others..
So I got ready and he came down and screamed my name..
So I got down in car and we moved on..
Hearing music we were going on..
As passing Throgh a house which was of my friend..I asked Milan(Best Friend) that We arent gonna pick up Vicky...?
He replied back..that they all are going to meet us there only..

Reaching on a destination...
I saw nobody there..I asked Milan where are the others..
He told they must be here only..We should wait..
We waited for sometime...But nobody arrived..
Than Milan gave me a soft drink..Which unknowingly I started Drinking...
And all of sudden I was unconcious..

And when I came in a concious stage..I found myself tied with a chair with a rope in one unknown house..and opposite to me..My Two friends were Lying and blood was flowing
from their body..And I concluded that they have been raped..I started screaming that Who is there..?
I screamed to my friends Amin..And Payal..But they were unconcious..
I looked around...But found nobody...

And in sometime..The boys of my gang members entered in a room..
And I started yelling..To help Amin and payal...They are bleeding..
But all started laughing...
And shouting..Let them bleed..Its their punishment..Of telling You..Everything..
I broken down in tears..And asked them why they are doing such..
What I did..? Why they are doing such..?

And all started laughing...
And Milan replied..Its Your Payback...

With a question mark I asked Payback..?

He replied Yes..Payback..Payback For hurting me..

I asked him Hurting You for what..?

He replied Hurting by telling Teacher the matter which was happened in 8th grade..

I Asked Matter in 8th grade..??

He replied Yes..

For sometime I kept thinking about the matter...
And all of sudden...
I remembered that I had complained to teacher that Milan used to harrass me by proposing me every now and than from garde 7th..
and for that he was taken to Principal and was told to appologize me in front of whole school...And was suspended for a week..

Taking this thing from 2 years He was just being nice..To trap me..

I was shocked that for this thing he did this to us..

I than started screaming that I will tell everything to police that you raped Amin & Payal..

Hearing this they all got angry and started biting me like anyhow...
I somehow managed to over out of it..and found a wooden stick which I banged on their Heads and made them Unconcious..
I managed to take Amin and Payal to hospital..And made them admiited and I was taken for Bandaging..Than I called upon Police..And than our family members..
They all rushed to hospital..And asked me of what had happened..
Till that Police arrived & I told them everything..
They made FIR and went..
Till that My two friends were in danger...

Both were unconcious...

2 Days passed...And Doctor announced that Amin is no more and Payal was Out of danger..
Police took a note of it..But than too they were not ready to do anything against those people...
I begged them to take an action against them..But they told that they are from high class and from political background..They cant do anything...

Hearing this I shouted at them and told that Just because they are having political background They cant be punished ????

I told them That I will fight For my Friends..And doesnt matter if I have to face any problem or any political leader..

My parents stopped me..And made me understand that I should not fight against those people who are having money and power..
But I was firm with my decision...So I reprted My file To court against them...
After Amins Funeral...I asked her parents to help me and help her daughter to get justice...And they agreed..
But my Parents dint agreed and Told me that I should leave house If u want to fight against them...
I was broken into pieces hearing this...But for Justice I have to fight..So I left home..

During those days Amin's parents and me were threatened for not giving any statement in court and were forced to take back the case..

And due to their threatened they Stepped back...And I was Left alone...

And Due to Political Pressure all were proved Innocent..

And I was Failed...

I was unable to Bear this..So I made a decision to move out of the state..And moved out..

I was broken totally..As No moral support was with me..

I started my Life again..Completed my college and started working in a laboratory...

All was going Good..But all of sudden I found Milan in a coffee shop..and I was shocked and moved from there as soon as possible..
Looking him back again..All those flashbacks Started running In my mind...

Somehow I made myself calm...

And Next day returning from a lab..I found someone Walking behind me..It was Around 8:30..There was no rickshaw available...So I decided to walk some miles
than will carry a rickshaw...
So as I was walking..
All of sudden I found Milan in front of me with his Guards or u can say friends..

He started laughing and clapping...And was behaving like mad..
I was scared..because I was all alone...

He started screaming...OMG OMG..I found You..I was searching you from long back...After that case You moved out and I was searching You in every corner..

I was crying...He started wiping my tears and told his guards to go away from there...they all went..
And he dragged me in his car and took me to his Farm house...

And thrown me down on floor...And started bitting me harshly...
I was crying out for help...But there was nobody..
He than started putting off my clothes and started touching my personal areas..
I cried out more...
He brought scissor and started cutting my hair..
Was scribbling scissor on my whole body...My blood was flowing out..and he was just kept doing..
Than he thrown me in a swimming pool..And pushed me more in water so that I cant breathe..He than pulled me out..
And again started scribbling with knife on my body and this time with full anger and force he scribbled on my personal area..Which was unbearable...
He thrown me on bed Raped me..again and again..Continuously for 2 days I was been raped..Those 2 days he reped me and treated badly..I just thoght that I am alomost Dead..
I was in no condition to defend myself..I was become so weak...He started making cuts on my hands and after that he gave some injection and took me in car and I was thrown on a road in an Unconcious
Stage...And when I opened my eyes I found myself in hospital..

(Present Time)

I saw Mitra with a tears on his face..and I wiped them off..And told him..that Dont worry..I am strong enough to fight..
With a small Smile on his face..he replied..I salute You for your guts..and Strength...

He asked me : Why your parents told you to leave house..?
I replied back : Because my father is an employee in Milan's Father company..And he was threatened..But I dont hate my parents because I know They still love me..
Its just they are scared..and for their safety I never Contact them...
Mitra Smiled and said You are a Fighter....and told me to rest and went out with tears...

The other morning Dr.came in and said Congratulations..
With a surprise I asked Why Congratulations..
Dr. replied the person who is responsible for your condition has been arrested..And other Guys too..
And than Mitra entered in a room an Switched On the Tv..And the news were flashing out my story which I told to Mitra...
Mitra Introduced himself as a Press Reporter...and By saluting again he congratulated me...and told me that he recorded all the things which you said to me..

The whole country was appreciating me...
Looking this My parents..Came to meet me...
Dr. Announced me to give I was almost well...And I was been discharged..
Seeing off Mitra and thanking him I came back to my Hometown..

2 months later..

A door bell rings.
I opened..And was Glad to see It was Mitra..With a flowers..
He hugged me and asked him to take on a ride..

We both went...On a beach..
Mitra went down on knees and proposed me to marry him..
With no other thought I said Yes to him...

Whenever I thought of that incident It brings a feeling That I was Almost Died...

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