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The following is a piece of writing submitted by SabaM on December 28, 2014
"Two Stubborn Horses and the Start of Eclipses

This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: feedbag, woolen"

Two Stubborn Horses and the Start of Eclipses

The God of the Sun woke two of his horses, to switch places with the ones harnessed on it’s chariot. It was a bit behind schedule so it rushed off, forgetting that these horses only eat out of woolen bags, not the one made of straw. Once the horses became hungry, they saw the ugly feedbag and held their ground. The God had to ask it’s siblings for help to fetch the right bag. For a few minutes the sun was blocked by the moon until the God rode to the horizon. The God smirked, “maybe I could do this some other time, and catch a snooze.”

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