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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Anne on June 13, 2015
"This is my first"

I write for me

I maybe a new writer but the future holds a lot for me. I can already see that my writing will be much much better than it is now. I am owning this and I will achieve my goal and that ultimate goal is to have a romance/fiction novel published and see someone on the street reading it. I don't need to be popular I just want to be published and if I get the attention of the people then all the better but all I want is for me to finish my first novel and be published. I want to see my name on that paperback or hardcover or even through an ebook. I just want to be published. I don't need to be like our great writers, I just want to write.

I know that my goal is very similar to most of you writers out there but I have to say that mine is a little different. I write not just for the sake of writing, I write because of me. This is my way of releasing my innermost thoughts and to make sense of whatever things are happening in my life. I write for my own sanity, to keep me moving forward and striving hard. I write for no one else but me. I write so that I can remain as intact as I am right now, I write so that I will not break into small pieces that takes a million years to reassemble. I write so I can be anyone who I want to be but most of all I write so I can be just me.

My world is not a perfect world but I love it just the same. You know the saying "Stuff Happens" I kinda agree with that and I say to the world "Give me your best shot!" I have my trusty pen and paper in my bag and a laptop computer on my desk. They are all I need to combat the darkness in my life.

On the lighter note, I am a mom of 2 kids and they are the ones that keep me in line with life but they are also my kryptonite. My husband is seldom home with us but makes a very very obvious effort of spending time with us whenever he can. Writing is just my way of expelling the ball of emotion churning in my head and heart and it doesn't matter if it's bad or good emotions I just write them down.

Thanks for Reading fellow writers!

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