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The following is a piece of writing submitted by sspark_603 on October 4, 2015
"just wanted to see how people would react to my short dystopia fiction - hope you guys enjoy it!"

Oh, london.

Knox woke to the shout of beggars around him. It was 1567th hour. Dim light was shining from the above through the gaps between the ceiling. Occasionally sudden blinding light pierced through the gap. Light reflected on parched pond, showing us, a group of cold hearted skeletons. Soon the reflection was shaken, by winds pushing raindrops towards the land. The storm was here again.

Ceiling was barely standing against the weight of debris and raindrops, those who were resting themselves after getting out of the intense swirling dance party. Even in that prestigious dark wood it was blatant it would break very soon. We had to leave this place before it actually breaks down, and cause sound , something that we never, ever made recently. Through the tiny gap infested with knives and guns, there were stairs heading up towards the Big Ben’s eye. We had to find another place, and another perfectly safe route. I didn’t have much time.

After carefully removing all the weapons from the gap and sweeping the debris off the ceiling, I cautiously went up the stairs. Even the tiny creaking sound was a deadly sign for those out there, ready to attack s in a sudden moment. The clock itself was bound to thousands of spider webs, with only tens or more of spiders looking up here and there. Out through the cornea of the Ben stood the sight of devastated, barren land. London’s another huge eye was standing like a true last soldier, immortal. It reminded me of what I used to do, which were producing songs and drawing. ‘Immortal “ was indeed a good theme. I even occasionally sing that song, the song that probably never will be finished, sleeping on my computer, forgotten by the world.

took about 40 minutes , homework for school, year 9

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