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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Daethereal on October 11, 2015
"I have not actually tried this recipe, but with some modification, it might actually be good.
Please do not try unless you are of age.
And thanks!"

Impress and Undress with Habanero Margaritas

Time for my favorite Summer-time pick-me-up! On a hot, humid day, spend the beautiful sunshine steaming and chilling in the pool sipping on one of these babies. You won't know whether it makes you hot or cold, I introduce to you my famous Habanero Margarita! You may be wondering why anyone would want a spicy pepper mixed in their alcohol, but you don't know what you're missing out on. I first got inspired for the recipe when I was 10 years old, watching my dad and best friend's uncle downing shots of Polish vodka with drops of Tabasco sauce mixed in. Now I am sharing this wonderful drunk-people-maker with the world.

The recipe can make enough for 4-5 Margarita glasses of this golden nectar. First, you need the ingredients: 2 habanero peppers, 1/2 mangos, 3/4 cups good quality tequila, 1 good hand of ginger cut up into 1/2 chunks/cloves, 1/2 cups fine white sugar, a couple slices of lime for garnish, and 2 pinches of freshly grated nutmeg. Oh, and let's not forget 2 shots of special Polish Spiritus if you like it strong ;) Begin by chopping the washed habanero peppers into large chunks, carefully removing the stem and seeds (be extra careful not to get juice in your eyes, otherwise you will spend an hour washing your eyes and all other appendages until the burn goes away). Next, take the washed mango and peal it as best as your abilities allow (don't worry, no one will care once they are drunk), and cut it into chunks the size of your thumb (be sure not to practice on your own thumb however)! Take the cut up habanero and mango and pulse them for 30 seconds in a blender, add 4 pieces of ice. Next, add the tequila and pulse again. Once smooth, add the cut and pealed ginger and nutmeg to the mix and pulse once again. Depending on how sweet you like it, add sugar and pulse again, with 3 more cubes of ice. And don't forget the Spiritus for your extra tolerant friends.

As far as presentation, chill your glasses in the freezer for 5 minutes and line the edge with lime juice and fresh rock salt, and a slice of lime on the glass. Pour your beautifully-spicy margarita into the glasses and viola (with an accent, like the French word, not the instrument), you have yourself a Summer pool party drink that is sure to impress and undress! Be sure to drink lots of water and enjoy yourself some good finger foods (recommended is light cheeses and cranberries in syrup), so that you don't get too dehydrated! Make your neighbors jealous, and possibly angry with your rambunctious intoxication, because it's Summer!

- Courtesy of Daethereal, your real-world "I gottchyu" chef <3

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