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The following is a piece of writing submitted by rockmyorchid on May 9, 2016

Fall Limerick

There once was a tree in Nantucket
That poured maple syrup in buckets
When it started to snow
The syrup was sold
Only god knows where they trucked it

There once was a leaf on a twig
Who longed to learn how to jig
It lifted its feet
Fell off the tree
Now it lies on the dirt with a fig

There once was a tree named Nadine
Who hated the color of green
The tantrum she threw
Changed her leaves hue
Now covered in red she's obscene

There once was a nudist named Joe
That wanted his clothes to all go
So he shook off his leaves
And lived out his dreams
Standing naked out in the snow

I once saw the laziest rake
It layed in the grass by the lake
The leaves fell around
Still he layed on the ground
Never a move did he make

The pile of leaves had a wake
For their friends torn apart by the rake
They wept by the tree
Unknown to me
While eating the tastiest cake

Summer left us in a huff
Saying she had had enough
When she was gone
We quickly moved on
Welcoming fall to our breasts

Wind crashed the party again
It blew away all of our friends
Now all thats left here
Are the emptiest beers
That the trees couldn't defend

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