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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Dorothy on December 2, 2008
"This was going to be about my dad and me playing Risk, but I got a little sidetracked. I would never do this sort of thing! (everyone who knows me also knows that's a joke ;-) "

The World is a Battlefeild

Their battle war a mortal one, their battleground, the world. One of them was an old man, seasoned and wise. The other was a girl, young and powerful. Only one could win.
The girl struck first, attacking the man's weakly defended front in North America. But though the man was old, he was anything but slow. With the power of a cobra, and the skill of something else that's good at hunting, like a goldfish, he also attacked, on the other side of the world, China.
The girl was anything but worried. She swept accost the ocean, and cleaned out his strong Europe hold. Why didn't one of them run out of men!! But this was the girl's mistake. She'd spread herself too thin. South America was ready, and under the old man, it took back North America, while the girl was tied up in France. Now there was reason to worry.
The man moved in for his final stroke, and pushed the young girl right out of Europe. But... he'd forgotten Australia. It was stronger than he'd reckoned, too. But then again, the girl had underestimated the man... her father!
He was determined, and slowly but surely, the man rolled his dice, always getting the upper hand.
But then, there was a voice. "Jenny, could you set the table?"
"Sorry Dad, gotta go." the young girl said, sighing with relief.
"But what about the game?" the old man asked with dismay. "I'd almost won!"
"Sorry. Oh," said the girl, on a second thought, "could you put it away? Thanks!" she said, without waiting for a reply.
As the old man returned all the pieces to their correct boxes, and stood on tip toes to return the game box to its place in the closet, he muttered to himself, "Kids these days. No wonder I never play Risk."

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