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The following is a piece of writing submitted by wyrd1 on August 25, 2008
"Blogging seems so huge now. Tons of people are jumping in hoping to make it rich. Is anyone burning out on it?

No more blogging

I am giving up blogging! It seems like everyday someone asks me to write about something they want instead of something that I want to do. I must get 20 emails every day like that.

My life is so public! Everyone knows what I eat, how much I exercise, what my girlfriend likes and hates. It's just too personal.

I got into it because I thought I could make good money and I do OK. I have a decent house and a couple of cars, my baby is going to go to a great college and I get a couple of vacations per year (Read more about my last vacation here)

Far too often I have lunch by myself. Alone on the back porch looking at the lonely mountains.

All I want is a simple Nine to Five with a lunch hour and people to talk to.
Thanks for considering me.

7/2006 - Present - Blogger (Self employed)
5/2004 - 9/2006 - Researcher - US Government

2002 - B.A. Criminology - Eagle Lake Community College
2005 - B.A. Creative Writing - Eagle Lake Community College
2001 - Lake Hewliski High School

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