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The following is a piece of writing submitted by geff on August 21, 2008

Time is such a waste of time

We thirst to sweat, and eat to defecate.
We go to church on Sundays, we drink on Fridays, and we get wasted every other day.
We also calculate but we still get dumbfounded.

We embrace our humanity whatever animal we have inside.
We sin, we are non-believers, yet we have a chance for forgiveness.
We will always wakeup at sunrise but sleep at dusk's.

We work hard at school, at work. At the end of the day we still slouch, we rest.
We dream, we hope. But most of the time we are awake.
If we live long enough, we'll spend the rest of it as everyone's burden.

We enjoy smiling, we are always crying.
We are usually remembered. Often times, we are forgotten.
But most of all, we live just to die.

We live just to die.

Time is such a waste of time.

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