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The following is a piece of writing submitted by jen_rules_theworld on September 30, 2008
"ants are cool!"

ant for a day

all of a sudden i feel extremely small.
i look down i have six legs
i look behind me i have what appears to be a thorax
i'm standing on what seems to be a huge mound of dirt
i look around i see what looks like a forest
the trees have no branches or leaves
"thats weird"
i walk further into the forest
i see a tree with a giant yellow flower on top of it
i climb up the extremely tall tree
"wow this is high"
i look around
i see white lines on top of the trees aroound me
oh wait those arent trees its grass
i just realized i'm in a field a
a soccer field
a huge black and whit ball just flew past me
it almost hit me
i feel an earthquake
i turn in the direction the ball came from
all of a sudden i see giants running towards me
the spiked black bottom of a giants shoe just squished the flower next to mine!
and there are still more giants coming!
i climb down from my flower as fast as i can
i start to run for my life
after i run for what feel like an hour away from the giants
i find more giant sitting on a blanket
i spot a chocolate chip cookie
then a smaller giant picks it up
but look crumbs fell off the cookie
i run over and try to pick up a crumb
"dang its to big"
i see another crumb its much smaller then the first but thats ok
i lift it onto my back and run
i sit down to eat it
"its so good"
i finish my crumbor at least as much of it as i could eat
i walk around some more
"OH NO!"
i just walked into a huge spider web
its coming towards me!!!!
it wraps me in its sticky felling thread
i try to wrigle free
its not working!
its about to bite me
i pray to god to save me
he answers my prayers
a huge bird swoops down and eats the spider
"YES Thank You God!"
there was more then one spider
"Drat" :(
it comes to finish the job the other spider started!
theres no big bird this time
hes getting closer
i try to wrigle free again its still not working!
hes gonna bite me!
he bit me :'(
i feel all numb
i fall asleep
i can smell brownies
"am i in heaven?"
i wake up
wow another bizarre dream


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