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The following is a piece of writing submitted by jen_rules_theworld on August 9, 2009
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Jenna Hunnell

June 27, 2006.

Well let’s see my name is Cassie I’m 17 I was born and raised in North Carolina I just recently moved to Maine.
When I was 2 my mom made my dad leave. My mom was not the greatest mom ever she always had a different guy over every night and most of those guys were druggies. One night she and one of the guys went out and they were both drunk and they got in an accident and my mom was killed on impact. Some social worker told my dad who lived in Maine and I was still a minor so he had to take responsibility for me no matter how much he wanted to or not. He was remarried to this lady named Tonya. She’s nice enough I guess she has two kids one is 16 the other 12 its kind of nice having little sisters around. Their names are Katy and Leslie. Katy the 12 year old says she is going to be just like me when she gets older. I told her she should be her own person and not someone else then she said but you’re so cool. I said I know you think that but I’m really not. She just said whatever. I have 6 piercings’ 5 in my ears one in my nose I’m thinking about doing my lip but I’m not sure yet maybe even my tongue. My step mom hates it that I have a tattoo on my lower back that’s the difference between her and my mom she cares about what I do to my body my mom never did. Plus she is a Christian and apparently my dad is too something my mom never mentioned to me before she died he said that’s why she made him leave he told me he had fought for custody but my mom was “friends” with the judge so he ruled in her favor. So that’s how I got to where I am now in Maine new school new teacher’s new peoples and a whole new life style. My new English teacher said that over the summer I should write in this journal to “improve” my writing skills. Of course I procrastinated for about three weeks because I could not think of anything to write. I have decided to write about the people I have met so far

First there’s Mindy she is 18 and she is awesome. She is very punkish well at least her style is not so much her attitude. I can tell her anything even that I kind of like her twin brother Rick who likes to be called Ricky. To bad she did not keep his secrets that well. When I told her that I liked him she was all “I knew it I knew it I knew it” then she told me he likes me too which is totally awesome. She has a boyfriend named Romeo he looks like porcupine to be totally honest. But he is really sweet to her they have been dating for almost 2 years and he has not kissed her once I don’t get that.

Ok so now there‘s Romeo also 19, he is a very interesting person. He likes music a lot but he likes all these bands I had never even heard of till he started dating Mindy. Bands like Norma Jean and fly leaf he says they are Christian bands whatever that means. He is not at all like other guys he seems to care about more than mindy’s looks he hates it when people say oh my God around him or swear at all for that matter. I asked him why he has not kissed Mindy yet and he said he wants her to stay pure. Then I asked him what that meant he said it meant to stay a virgin till after their wedding day. I said well if you kiss her that does not mean you’re not a virgin anymore he said I know that but kissing leads to that. I asked him why it mattered so much and he said God says in the bible that sex is meant for marriage not before, and if you have it with so many other guys before you get married then it wont be anything special for you and your spouse. He said I should talk to his youth pastor about it that he would be better at explaining it then him. I just said whatever.

Let me tell you about Ricky. He’s 18 well that goes without saying obviously being Mindy’s twin and all. He has fairly long jet black hair which looks wicked cool the way he styles it also very punkish just like Mindy. He’s a really sweet guy according to Mindy he didn’t use to be he used to smoke pot and do every drug in the book. She says he’s changed a lot sense Romeo came around she said he has been like a big brother to Ricky which apparently has helped him a lot. Bye the time he was 16 he had been picked up bye the cops three times. She said it was because of her dad. Her dad had beat on them both and their mother. He left them all when they were 12 until Romeo came around he was a big mess and so was she. I talk to Ricky a lot he told me that his dad was killed in a car accident 2 years ago and at the time he was really happy about it he said he was happy because the jerk got what he deserved. But now he says it was wrong that he was happy about it because hey even though he beat him he was still his dad and even though he never liked to admit it he still loved him. Even though I don’t know what its like to be beat I do know what its like to grow up without a dad. This is basically what he and Mindy had to deal with no dad to love them.

Now there’s Sammy a.k.a. Samantha she’s 16 she is a major skate boarding freak. She always has her skate board with her. She can do awesome tricks on it she grinds all the time she said she has not completely mastered it yet. I think she has but what do I know about skate boarding right of course she is the only skate boarder I have ever met. I asked her one time if she ever thinks about anything other than Skateboarding and she said the only other things she thinks about is God church her dad and her little brother.
I asked her why she did not think about her mom and she said it was because her mom died giving birth to her little bro when she was 2 so she didn’t have any real memories of her only pictures. Her brother almost did not make it. so I asked her why she thought about a God who could let something like that happen she told me he did not want it to happen but it had to for a reason she said she was not sure what that reason is yet but she said she was going to find out soon then she said for now I’m just going teach my bro Max about God. And then I’m going to teach him how to grind on his skateboard.

Dude I have to tell you about Kenny he’s 21 and he rocks he’s the drummer in a band called free flight they even have a c.d. out. I have seen him play his drums before and he really does rock. You have to hear how he joined the band though. He ran away from home when he was 16 and got into some big trouble with the cops he was almost always in the wrong place at the wrong time. The one time he did not get away some of the cops knew who he was from a missing person file they had received from the police department in New York. They sent him back home and he stayed till he was 18 and left again this time he went to Maine bought an apartment and got 2 jobs one working for a construction company another working at Mc Donald’s. one day at the construction site he started fooling around with some of the tools some of the guys working with him heard him and asked him if he really played the drums and he said yeah. Then they started telling about the band they were trying to build but they could not find a drummer so they asked him to be their drummer and he said yes. What he did not know was they were a Christian band and after about a year with them he became a Christian. I still don’t get these people and being Christians.

Man it’s like midnight I got to hit the sack so for now good night journal and who ever is reading it.

June 28, 2006

Ok now I have to tell you about Veronica she is 17 and she is the captain of the cheerleading squad. She is not at all like the cheerleaders at my old school. She does not think she is way better than anyone else but I have to admit she is very preppy but she is pretty cool. You should see her do back flips she has a younger sister named Lisa who is 14 people say she looks more like me then she does Veronica which I don’t see at all. She has an older brother named Rex a.k.a. Ronald but he moved away with his wife and baby girl last year. She misses him a lot she said they were very close for brother and sister her mom and dad are still together but she says they are both to busy to talk to so she talks to her best friend Ally on the phone. She moved away like a month after I moved here. Which I think is really sad. She also talks to her boy friend Seymour Romeo’s younger brother

Oh how could I forget Lil’ Max Sammy’s little brother he’s 14 and he likes to tag along with his big sister all the time you will never see Sammy with out him. Well except for one time when he went to Philly on a trip with a youth group they went to something called battle cry. And he said he saw all kinds of bands like pillar and Toby Mac no clue who they are must be more Christian bands. He told me that there was this Ron Luce guy there he was some type of Christian speaker. He told me that a really funny part of the conference was when Ron Luce shaved a kid bald it had to do with some type of example. I think he said
he did it because we think more about our hair and our looks then we do about God. Why do these people always mention God?

Now I’ll tell you about Seymour Romeo’s younger brother. In some ways he is a lot like Romeo but in others way different. Like the kissing thing he kisses Veronica all the time but only on the cheek Romeo doesn’t even do that. And here’s a major difference their style Romeo is as punk as you can get he even has a tattoo all Seymour has is a ear piercing and Romeo has 10 of those and a nose and a lip piercing he said he got those way before he became a Christian. I asked Seymour if he was trying to stay pure too he said yes. So then I asked him wouldn’t kissing veronica on the cheek lead to the lips and then to other things? And he said it would eventually but they had decided not to kiss on the lips till they got engaged. Then I said that they were all a bunch of wack jobs of course I was just kidding.

Well that’s pretty much all the peoples I have met here in Maine so far I guess tomorrow I will actually start telling what I do every day so for right now I’m going to BED!!! GOODNIGHT.

June 29, 2006

Mindy called me today she asked me to come over and hang out for a little while. So I asked my dad and he said go on ahead. Can you believe I actually have to ask for permission? When I lived with my mom I would just say hey I’m going over to this friends house see ya later and I would leave but now that I live with my dad I have to follow the same rules Katy and Leslie do. So any ways I went to Mindy’s house and just like I had hoped Ricky was home. When I got there he answered the door and said Mindy was taking a shower. He showed me to the living room where he and Romeo were playing video games Romeo asked me if I wanted to play I was like “heck yes!” they had been playing motocross and I totally schooled them both after about two races Romeo said he had to go and told Ricky to tell Mindy he said bye so he left and Ricky and I continued playing for a while and he said he was tired of the game and asked me if I wanted something to eat I said sure what do you have he said pizza so we went into the kitchen and ate some pizza and drank some coke. Then he spilled his coke all over me. he was so embarrassed the poor guy I said it was all right That it would dry he told me I could go get a shirt from Mindy’s room so I did. When I came back down he was reading something so I picked up a magazine or what I thought was a magazine it was actually a devotion for girls magazine after reading a page I put it down. So he put his book down and then he asked me what I liked to do for fun I said back home I liked to go swimming and to the movies and I also like to read novels and going for really long walks and of course whooping his but at video games. He said that sounds like a challenge I said it sure does. So then we went and played more motocross which I beat him every time except for once which I so let him win that one. Then Mindy was finally done with her shower then she asked if we wanted to go get some ice cream we both said at the same time “heck yes” which was totally weird then he smiled at me I hope I did not blush. So we went to go get ice cream and he paid for me then Mindy said “hey what about me?” and he’s like “you got money pay for yourself” then Mindy grinned at me and said “I’ll be right back” and left to go get her money which took her like half an hour. Then Ricky asked me to be his girl friend I told him I would have to think about it but I will definitely say yes. Mindy finally got back and paid for her ice cream then we drove back to there house and this time I got to sit up front with Ricky I’m not sure if Mindy planed that on purpose or what. But yea we got back to their house watched a movie then Mindy said she was going to go make some dinner and asked if I would like to stay I said no thanks because my dad was expecting me home soon Ricky looked really sad about that so I said actually I could call him and see if I could stay an extra 2 hours. So I did and he said sure just as long as your back bye 11 I said cool see you then and hung up. Then I told them I could stay till 10:30. Boy did Ricky smile then so Ricky and I played teckon which is a karate video game and I totally beat his butt again. Then he turned off the play station and asked me if I had decided yet then I said maybe then we both sat on the couch and he turned the TV on. and while we were in the middle of an awesome episode of boy meats world I sort of kind of put my hand on his on “accident” and then we held hands then his hand some how managed to slide onto my leg and my hand some how managed to slip onto his and some reason my head ended up on his shoulder and that’s how we sat for the whole show until his sister came in the room which he looked totally embarrassed almost as embarrassed as when he spilt his soda on me. His sister looked at him I don’t know why but he just grabbed my hand again I don’t know I think it’s just a twin thing they can read each others mind or something. So yeah we ate dinner and pretty much the entire time he held my hand. Then it finally came time for me to leave he walked me to my car holding my hand the entire time of course he opened my door for me and then he kissed me on the cheek and said good night and went back inside. Hopefully my dad never reads this he might decide to go hunting. Night.

June 30, 2006

Today I went shopping with Sammy and Mindy. Not clothes shopping though earring shopping well not even that lip ring shopping so after I finally found the one I wanted I got my lip pierced you should have seen the look on my step moms face. My dad said “well it’s her lips if she wants to make it so guys don’t ever want to kiss her that’s fine with me.” But I could have sworn I heard them arguing about it later. Anyways Mindy told me that Ricky said that I was his girlfriend now. I said it was true she said “be careful” whatever that meant. I decided not to ask because I probably would have gotten a big long talk like when I asked Romeo about the kissing thing at least I think that’s what she was talking about. I don’t really care either way. I saw Kenny today. He was talking to me about this web site he said there was a chat room and some other things on it the only thing that interested me was the chat room part. So I went on it today and it was a Christian website and I accidentally clicked on the link underneath chat room. I think the link said testimonies or something like that. I guess it was a message board one of the posts said “Romeo and the wrong Juliet” so I clicked on it and read it this is what it said.

“Romeo and the wrong Juliet”

Hi my name is Romeo I’m 17 and I’m from Maine. Last year I made the biggest mistake of my life.
I met the girl of my dreams at least I thought so. She told me she loved me and I loved her too or so I thought. We went to the prom together she asked me if I wanted to do anything afterwards I kind of guessed what she meant by that. So after the prom she and I went to a hotel. This was my reason why it would be ok to have sex with her “well we love each other so we will probably get married later anyways” so we went ahead and did it when I was 16 years old. The really sad thing about it was I found out two days later that she had been cheating on me with 3 other guys for the past 4 months when I was told that by her best friend I ran to the guys room and puked my guts out. When I came out she was standing there I said “how could you do this to me?” She tried playing stupid with me she said “I don’t know what your talking about” then I asked her if the names Jacob stern , mike Lambert or Chris Lopez sounded familiar. Then she said “I wanted to brake up with them but I just couldn’t I didn’t want to break there hearts by telling them I was with someone else already” then I started losing it and yelling at her saying oh so you wait till after we did it to tell me that. I thought you said you loved me I ran into the guys room and puked some more. And that was the last time I ever talked to her. She got pregnant from one of the other guys she was with at the time I only know this because I talk to Chris one of the guys she was cheating on me with. He didn’t know about me till about 3 months after I broke up with her. And when he found out he dumped her too. He’s a really nice guy I’m glad I met him. He’s the one that led me to Christ now I’m going to his youth group. And his youth pastor is really good he has been helping me figure things out I’m now a born again Christian trying to live my life right for God.

So anyways I found that very interesting I looked back at what I had already written in this journal and about what Romeo said about waiting till you get married to have sex I think I know why now. I wonder if this Romeo is the same one that wrote Romeo and the wrong Juliet. I think I will ask him if he is the same one. So anyways I’m really tired and I told Ricky I would call him tonight so I’m going to do that then go to bed. Good night.

July 1, 2006

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