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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Adrecka on October 22, 2008
"No, this never happened to me. But i think it's funner that way. You dont have to go off what you see, you can use your imagination. "



A snowflake falls gentle from the sky.
You watch it as it lands in your hand.
It is so small, so fragile, and so beautiful.
Yet it looks as if it will break with the slightest touch.
The seams holding it together
Are entangled with in each other.
Looking like a web of lies.
The seams bend under the weight.
Acting as if they will burst
Taking all its strength to stay together
You look up to where this gem fell
It is like the dust of a star
Its beauty being hidden
By something that is greater then it
A small wind blows
Plucking the snowflake from your hand
Setting it free from captivity

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