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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Adrecka on October 24, 2008
"Dont be disapointed, i will have more writen soon. And i know there is not much info. about the story line here but soon, soon you will know more."

Azalia Part 1

Part 1. Friends in high places

Azalia fingered the beautiful sword, tracing the only imperfection on it-- a long thin scratch-- all the way to the tip. Taking one final gaze at the sword, she sheathed it. Then taking two long strides she found her self out of the small tent and into the mists of a bustling crowd. She stood behind a booth that was selling fresh pastry’s, to keep her separated from the crowd. The smell was intoxicating, but she steeled her self for what was to come, allowing no room for pleasure.

She covered her face with a hood, and scarf, taking shelter from the heat of the sun-- as was everyone around her. Then taking one step forward, she left the protection of the booth and was pulled along by the crowd. Dodging a fist from a grumpy sales man and a kick from the man he was fighting with, she move off the main road and into a side street. Though it was still crowded, she had much more room to walk. Azalia took many twist and turns, which she didn’t even bother to count. She knew every road, every map, every building in this place by heart. Azalia tried he best not to think about it but on some days it was not possible, like today.

This was her hometown, even though she never stayed there for more then a couple days or week. Azalia was born to a poor mother and father as most of the children in Castlen were. Her mother—Claris-- was a maid, and her father—Johen-- was a blacksmith. Her mother worked in the castle, cleaning and stuff. Azalia as a child, could not stay home by herself so Claris would bring her to work. Azalia would explore for hours on end, finding secrets hidden deep inside the castle, some of which she didn’t even tell her mother.
Azalia pulled her self back to realty, to find herself standing in front of two great white doors.

“The Castle.” Azalia breathed, no mater how many times she saw it the great mass and beauty of it continued to amaze her.


Azalia: a-z-A-lee-a

Claris: Clare-is

Johen: Joe-ha-n

To be continued

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