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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Adrecka on October 29, 2008
"Read the first one well first. It gives you a little more insight as to what happens here. Also please do not think that all my writing is like this. This is simply something that is happening to my friends and I cant help but write about it. Ps. What is happening to them is a bit different that what happens in the story :D I mean I have to give it something interesting."

School Converstation 2

"What are you doing here?" Atty whispered, as Jake walked through the door at the Stadly Stemer store where atty was sitting.

"My mom couldn't work today so she sent me in her place." Jake said as he took a seat next to her. Atty looked around, eyes wide, then said

"She could have called me and told me she couldn't have made it i wouldn't have minded." Atty let her light red hair fall into her face so that Jake couldn't see her eyes. Jake had a way of knowing when you are lying.

"Sure what ever you say." He said sarcastically "Come on you know i wouldn't leave you out here all by your lonesome." Atty smiled and slugged Jake in the arm

"That's what i was afraid of." Atty and Jake had been good friends for years, and nothing more! Atty had slowly developed the role of 'go between' for him and her cousin Laur.

"So, How's Laur?"

"Uhh I have been waiting for that. I think you actually lasted 5 seconds with out talking about her. I think that's a new record." Atty said smiling. While Jake's smile faded.

"I know and i am sorry, I just cant get over it you know. Its been like two weeks sense we last talked. And you know what we talked about!? 'Not talking to each other." Jake put his head in his hands. Atty had known all this from Laur but she had never heard Jake admit it in such a way before. It shocked and frightened her.

"Jake, you'll get over it. I mean its not like she broke up with you!"

"No, maybe not but it sure felt like it." Then the bells on the door rang and Jake lifted up his head to see who it was. Atty gasped and Jake stared dumb founded as Laur walked in. Jake turned away to atty and said

"I'll be right back." Then he took off running down the hall.

"Laur What are you doing here?" Atty asked. Laur had watched Jake exit the room and now finally turned her attention to atty.

"Your mom said you'd be here. She didn't mention anything about him....I should go talk to him." Atty stepped in front of her and said

"No, I think that would be a bad Idea. He doesn't want to talk to you right now, If you couldn't tell."

"WHY!" Laur said sounding genuinely surprised.

"You know why. He loves you, you sort of broke up with him. Better yet you told him you couldn't even talk to him! I think I would be a little upset too. He just needs time to cool down." Laur looked down, thinking about what Atty had said. She was right of course. But it cut Laur deep to know that Jake was mad at her yet she couldn't blame him. "Why did you want to see me anyhow?"

"Oh...I just needed to ask you to send me the story."

"You came all this way to ask me that?" Atty said not at all convinced.

"No, I was going to ask you to tell Jake I'm sorry and this is just how things have to be." Laur said with a little bit of a tear in here eye. It was hard not to feel sorry for here. But it was also hard not to feel sorry for Jake. Laur thought she needed to break up with him. And that it would be better for both of them, even though it hurt her to. But it hurt Jake much more.

"You've told him that a million times Laur, he knows that. He just doesn't like it." Laur nodded

"I think I should go I already cause enough trouble." Atty nodded and Laur left. Then Jake stuck his head around the corner.

"Is she gone yet?" He looked depressed and Atty couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

"Yes she's gone. But you know you cant keep avoiding her. Your friends our her friends to, you will be seeing each other. You have to learn to control your emotion. Or at least ignore them. When you see her dont get mad or sad. Just ignore her."

"Teach me how!" Jake said as he sat back down.

"I don't think I am the best teacher. I give you advice that I don't even heed. Even though I know I should." Atty thought back to her previous crush. Even now when she saw him she couldn't help but get a little, angry or sad, or anoyed. She was mad at herself for that. She wanted to let go of it all, forgive and forget. But She knew it was easy to say hard to do. "You can't life your life hiding from the shadows of the past. Theres this saying walk toward the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you."

Jake looked at atty impressed, he also felt bad for her. He didnt know much about her past. She kept her past tightly locked up, or at least she tried to. Recently she was starting to open up more. Atty needed someone to talk to, about her problems. And sense, to her, it seemed like no one would listen she turned to him. She hoped he didnt mind, but she couldn't tell. Jake was always nice and sweet to who ever he was with. Even if he really didn't like them. It made it hard sometimes, being around him and not knowing if he wanted you around. But Atty didnt care. At least someone would listen even if they didnt want to hear here. Thats all she wanted, to talk, she didnt need advice or a solution just an out let.

Thinking back now Atty could remember all the good times she had. Most of them with her crush and his brother. But that life had come crashing down. And ever sense she felt so alone. Not really trusting anyone. Refusing to let anyone in. She promised to never love again. Atty hated how dramatic she made her life sound. The real problem with her life was that nothing ever happened. And nothing ever did. She loved him, he didnt love her. There friendship just sort of went away. And Atty could never figure out why. Was it her? Was it him? Was it somthing either of them did? Hatred grew out of confusion. Sadness out of Hatred. And lonlyness out of sadness. They were her best friends. Even though everyone that she didnt like him because he hadnt loved her back, they were wrong. She didnt mind that as much as you would think. What hurt her, was that they just stopped being her friend. They just stopped. So Atty stopped too. She stopped her world, she didnt really want to. But it just seemed to happen that way. Always wanted to make amends but she lacked courage and had no idea what to say. She always wanted to tell her friend but they didnt seemed to understand, she wasn't even sure she understood. She wanted all of it to go away. And her came jake, someone willing to listen. It made all those questions rise again but she knew she could never tell him.

"Atty?" Jake asked tenativly. He watched as she slowly came out of her daze and realized he was still standing there.

"Sorry...just umm... thinking." Atty said rubbing her arm as if someone just punch her in the shoulder, then pulling her sleeves down to her fingures. It was something she did when she was nervious of sad, she tryed to hid as much of her as she could as if it could make her invisable.

"You wanna tell me what you were thinking?" Jake asked. Atty looked at him with her pitch blue eyes as if she was actually thinking about telling him but then she looked down.

"Maybe someday Jake...someday." Atty though about everything going on right now. As much as her past bothered her, her present wasnt much better. Things in her life werent going right. Things she wanted to stay the same kept changing. Things she wanted to change stayed the same. And the most unstable thing in her life was herself and she wasnt about to let go off the only thing she was holding on too. Even if it was the one thing that was killing her, her beliefe that she could do it. Somehow she thought she could do it alone. Actually she didnt even believe that, she just wanted to believe that.

"Why not now?"

"I..." Atty started but was interupted.

"Atty were ready for you." Atty looked at Jake and said

"I have to go, you know, work. See you some other time." She went to leave but Jake grabbed her arm.

"Im here you know, any time you wanna talk." Atty nodded and left, leaving Jake to only wonder what she had been thinking.

The next day Atty sat at her lap top with the music blaring as she tryed to figure out what to write on her story next. She had a little her E-mail on a tab and suddenly it blinked and it said 'Laur has left you a IM'. Atty tryed to ignore it but in a few moments she flicked over to read it.

'Atty you there? It says you are... I wanna talk. Me alone with my problems is not a good combination.' Atty smiled a little and typed.

'Im here.'

'Thank goodness. So I had the worst day today. School was terrible. Life sucks and...I ran into Jake and we had a totally ackward moment.' Atty sighed, Laur was her friend but sometime she didnt like to talk to her. She like to help people with there problems. But sometimes she felt like her problems paled in comparison and it just made her feel guilty for feeling depressed, which then made her more depressed.

'I see, so anything new or good?' Atty tryed to ask but before she could Laur typed

'I gtg. Talk later maybe.' And another bubble popped up saying, laur is now offline. Atty closed her eyes and let life stand still for a moment. Then she typed 'I just wanted to tell you, I'm so sad...sometimes I don't know if i can live another day. I never tell anyone cause I'm stupid and think i will be fine by my self. But i know i wont. Tell me why i am like this...tell me what to do.' Atty's fingure hovered over the enter button but then in a split second she pressed the exit button and the whole window closed leaving atty feeling very very empty.

Jake sat on the stool at his best friends house. Everyone was having a good time. Inculding him until laur walked in. It was impossbly to avoid her when they all have the same friends. He sigh he would now spend the rest of the night avoiding her. Atty followed laur in and sat next to jake, he looked at her and she said

"We drove them here....sorry." She whispered to him. He figured as much.

"She's your Cuz. I cant expect you to stop being her friends or disown her as family and i dont want you to...I dont want you to take sides." Atty nodded.

"I know but its inevitable." Jake nodded. Atty turned to him and looked at him seriously. "There is something your not telling me... Laur is attacking the same way...What really happened?" Jake looked around, this wasnt the place for this conversation but atty was adimit.

"She likes someone else. When she went to Utah last month. She came back and said she like someone else. And that i shouldnt be upset now we both can have what we want. I didnt understand what she meant but she wouldnt say anymore." Atty stared, shocked.

"Are you sure?"

"Pretty sure." Jake said and leaned back trying to act cool and relaxed. "And theres all this other stuff with a friend of mine. Im just...overwhelmed." Atty nodded, and put a hand on his arm.

"Close your eyes, breath and relax. Clear your mind and dont think about it." Jake looked at her doutbfully but did it. His eyes srunched up like he was concentrationing so atty smacked him in the arm. "I said relax not concentrate." Jake laugh but tried again. After a moment he opened his eyes.

"It helps but my mind keeps thinking about it." Atty didnt know if she should make him laugh or cry. She put her hand on her cheek and sighed,

"Your hopeless..." He laughed.

"Thanks." He said sarcasticly.

"Every minute of laughter covers 10 minutes of tears." Jake looked at her impressed onces again.

"Where do you come up with this stuff."

"I just think of it."

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