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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Adrecka on October 30, 2008


Trey trudged up the hill with great effort, but he tried not to show it. Not with all his comrades on ether side of him. He took a deep breath, trying to mask the burning pain in his leg. His Pack was pulling him down; it was just too much weight to expect one man to carry. He shrugged his shoulders trying to get the pack’s straps to land in a place that wasn’t raw. Not only that but his cloths were heavy, not even mentioning the bullet proof vest he wore under nether it all.
The sun beat down on them causing them all to take breaks and drinks periodically. The commander was leading the group at a steady yet agonizing pace. Hugh stumbled beside him, and trey--even in his weak state—grabbed him and held him upright.

But his fall did not escape notice of the commander; he halted the pitiful procession of solders and called for a break. Trey found a nice piece of dirt and sat in it, not a comfortable spot too many but after you have walked 3 miles your perspective of comfort changes. He shielded his eyes from the blinding sun as he looked over at Hugh.

He gulped down a large portion of the water in his canteen, trying to quench his --what seemed to be forever-- dry throat. When finally he finished his drink He turned to Hugh

“You ok?’ trey said, Hugh looked at the ground embarrassed and shamed.

“Aw come on Hugh all of these soldiers are about to drop dead, and I” Trey stuck out his hand and put on a haughty look “Personally thank you for a much need rest.”
Hugh laughed a little and smiled “I know, trey, I know” Trey smiled back satisfied with his accomplishment. Hugh reached down and rubbed his leg, with a painful expression.

“Hugh.” said trey more serious then Hugh ever though possible

“Its nothing trey just a scratch,” Hugh pulled up his leg and without even looking he pointed to it “like I said” Trey looked Hugh straight in the eye and said

“A scratch….?” Hugh looked at him curiously then looked down his leg was soaked with blood, which because of the layering had not seeped through he cloths yet. Hugh looked up in surprise

“I did know really, all I did was trip back at tramway climbing up those rocks. I know I landed on a rock but it was small bout half the size of that cut.” Hugh kept on babbling on tell the commander caught sight of it.

Again to be continuied (ehh maybe)

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