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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Staci on December 12, 2008

Black Friday

-Black Friday-

"Twas the darkest of Fridays, the ominous Black
And I stood in the line to fill up my sack
Of bargains and deals that promised to slash
And save me some of my hard-earned cash.
A coupon that offered a discounted price
I clipped five because I thought it was nice.
So Target and I were about to be friends
My search for Guitar Hero was going to end.
As the doors slid open to the anxious and cold
We all rushed in, the young and the old.
I ran to electronics to purchase my game
An emo kid raced me, off to do the same.
We ran to the left then to the right
No hope for leaving without a fight.
I pleaded for John, the man with the keys
To get me my copy, oh pretty please!
And just as he opened the display
Behind me the emo began his parlay.
The plastic reflected in my hot little hand
But the emo kid yelled his demand-
Give me that game you freakin' old lady!
I snorted my laugh because I wasn't quite 80.
Just a thirtysomething mother of one
A nine year old Guitar Hero fan for a son
And this was his present from Santa you see
Because surely it is his last year to believe.
I tightened my grip on the white plastic case
And elbowed that emo right in the face!
I rushed to the register to pay for my prize
Imagining a Christmas morning surprise.
Just as the game was placed in a bag
I heard a familar voice call me a hag.
I smiled and smirked as I was walking away
Don't mess with a Mama on Black Friday!

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