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The following is a piece of writing submitted by violetlee on January 1, 2009


I feel it twinge, hes right behind me
I know he’ll catch me fast
He'll wrap himself around my back
I pray this time he won’t last

He sneaks in quietly; I hardly know he’s there
He spreads around as large as he likes
Across my back my hip my leg
I wish he’d go take a hike

He enjoys hurting me, making me cry
He gets everyone somehow or rather
He may be little he may be big
And when he comes all his friends gather

He strikes when he wants, anybody, and anywhere
Black, white, short, tall, skinny or fat
He doesn’t discriminate between any race
Color, creed, cat, dog or rat

He may leave me alone for months on end
Then force hi was into my existence
He’s like a leach that won’t let go
He wears down my resistance

I beg and pray for him to leave
To allow me just one day of peace
Even a couple of hours would do
I quietly just pray for release

But now he’s moved in he’s here to stay
He’ll be here till I die
He slowly erodes my quality of life
And I don’t even know why

Some days he traps me, keeps me in bed
Other days he lets me run free
But I know he’s waiting all the time
He will never let me be

I live with him every day of my life
Wether its hot cold sun or rain
I deal with him because I have to
This thing I live with is pain.

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