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The following is a piece of writing submitted by violetlee on January 1, 2009

from a soldiers wife

Your loved one is called on to defend their country

To take an overseas tour

To spend time in another place

To fight someone else’s war

The empty feeling sits low in your gut

As you kiss them goodbye

You fight to hold the tears inside

You don’t want them to see you cry

You don’t know when you’ll hear from them

In a letter, an email, or a call

But you wait for that first contact

Just to now they’ve arrived at all

The worry sets in as the days go by

The stress is starting to show

You hear the news, read the reports

The time, it goes so slow

You snap at the kids, it’s not their fault

You forget it’s affecting them too

Try to be patient, squash their fears

Do what you have you do

Emails are checked more often than usual

Needing news that they are well

Guessing what they are going through

Is akin to a living hell

You crave for contact, any sort will do

You need to hear the sound of their voice

You know they are only doing their job

You know it was their choice

I’m proud of my husband for what he does

I knew what he did when we met

I wouldn’t change a thing that’s happened

And neither would he, I bet

But the stress on the family is a very hard road

We all cope in different ways

Please accept we’re not all perfect

And that we all have bad days

We miss our partners and fear for their safety

Whist trying to cope at home

We have to live our normal lives

And we have to do this on our own

So next time someone isn’t in a good mood

Think outside the square

They may have a loved one fighting for you

So give a little, and care.

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