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The following is a piece of writing submitted by violetlee on January 1, 2009

internal battles

Even though your home, sometimes your still far away

Remembering where you were

The look in your eyes tells me this

I know you’ve gone for sure

You’re fighting the battles inside your head

You’ve already done it for real

Six months in hell, new memories to deal with

Does it all now seem surreal?

When you got back, you were not the same

As the man I said goodbye to

I read the pamphlets, the returning soldier

But they don’t really tell you what to do

A car cuts us off, you reach for your gun

You expect explosives in the boot?

Crowded places are to be avoided

Loud noises, you wish you could mute

I notice the difference in your stance

Other little things only I can see

The nightmares you have when you’re asleep

When your minds not here with me

I can’t begin to imagine what it was like

In the time you were over there

I know it was horrid for us back here

But I’d never dare to compare

Tell me what you’ve done since we last spoke

My day to you was escapism

A short time to imagine home

A valid coping mechanism

You’ve been home a while now

But parts of you are still there

I know what you saw still haunts you

And leaves your feelings raw and bare

You know I’ll support you any way I can

I’ll listen, hold you or leave you be

I cant take away what’s in your head

But I can try to soften what you see

I know you better than anyone

And I know you’re sometimes not here

But I’ll always be waiting when you get back

Of that you have no fear.

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