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The following is a piece of writing submitted by violetlee on January 1, 2009

mental scars

Always on the edge, looking over your shoulder

Is this any way to live?

Watching what you say and to who

Watching what you give

Accused of everything but done nothing wrong

A prisoner of your mind

Can you escape his hurtful ways?

All you want him to be is kind

Fear keeps you there within his reach

To scared to run and hide

To stupid to survive on your own

You’ve been conditioned to believe

His words stamped on your brain for life

Confirmed day by day

What a big man, to call you names

He needs the power play

He needs to feel tough and strong

To bring you to your knees

He undermines every action, every word

But nobody ever sees

Things are hidden behind closed doors

He is judged by the outside world

People only see what they want him to see

It’s all a matter of pride

These men exist in two different worlds

The public and private don’t meet

The general public sees the perfect man

At home you feel the heat

How often do you dream of escape?

How often do you wish him dead?

Do your dreams include an abuse free life?

Do regret this man you wed?

Imagine you’re free without his control

To live life as you see fit

Imagine you have total control

Imagine crawling out of this pit

You need your inner strength for this

The strongest you’ll ever be

You will dodge the abuse, dodge the fist

Deep down you’ll have quality?

I know you’re scared, I know it’s hard

It’s the last time you will cry

Pull out your power get out of here

Or as sure as day, you’ll die

You may not die, be buried or burnt

It’s your spirit he will kill

You’ll be left with nothing inside

An empty emotionless shell

I know what it’s like I’ve been there too

The mental scars don’t show

The words and abuse burnt into your brain

How deep? Only you will ever know.

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