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The following is a piece of writing submitted by violetlee on January 1, 2009

life's purpose

I wonder about my life, what have I done

Do I have a purpose in life?

Am I on earth for another reason?

Not just to be a mother and a wife

Am I hear to contribute, what do I do

What is my lesson in living?

Do I find out when one day I die?

Then will I go to hell or heaven

I’ve born two children, my reason for living

But they will grow and move

What will I do when they are gone?

With whom will I share my love?

Life is about learning, the easy and the hard

Not all goes according to plan

Life’s little hiccups can stop you cold

But you carry on best you can

But is anyone ever really happy

Why are so many bitter?

Do they learn their lessons the hard way?

In the gutter with the junk and the litter

Are the down and outs paying for something

That they can’t remember they’ve done

Do we pay for mistakes in our next lives?

Will we ever feel like we’ve won?

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