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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Mr Poet on January 5, 2009
"Your not alone"


Heartz of Emotions

Happiness smiling face.
Sadness, watery eyez.
Taking out your life to a different place.
Raindrop as your heart start to cry.
Hate, fire in your eyez.
Confused, messed up in the head.
Love starts to die.
Can’t remember a thing you said.
Fear, all alone.
Love, passion with desires.
Shadow place to call on your own.
Care so much, never willing to let your love burn within the fires.
Several Heartz of Emotion about you.
Is just a part of what I once knew.
About you, but to let you know.
Without having you go.
You Have
Heartz of Emotions

Layton C.

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