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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Fountain_Pen_Lover on January 12, 2009
"I like it, but to understand it, I'll post the first short story soon."

On The Other End

This was not good at all!!!!!!!! She realized that she was overreacting, but things were just so bad this time she couldn't even help herself. Things would NEVER be the after this. Nope, not after what she had just seen. She ran down the hallway, tears in her eyes, and sobs exploding from her throat. WHY WAS THIS HAPPENING? He had told her that they would be together until hell froze over and the heavens came crashing down. She had said that they would be best friends for all eternity and afterwards. But what she had just saw betrayed everything either of them had ever told her. Why would they do that to her. She couldn't help but wonder as she stumbled down the stairs, tripping down the last few and almost breaking her neck. This was so bad.
The girl ran through the writhing body's and crowded rooms, desperately searching for the front door. After five crowded rooms and loud bass thumping music she made her way out the front door. She ran down to her car, her keys trembling in her hands. She tried to hit the unlock button but her fingers kept slipping and the keys kept falling to the ground. Finally with some luck, and little dignity, the car doors finally opened. she threw herself into the front seat and shakily put the key into the ignition. She sped off in any direction, just trying to get away from the awful vision og her boyfriend and best friend wrapped in each others arms. She came to a light that thankfully turned green so she never had to stop once. That is, until another car slammed into the side of hers. Her car flipped 6 times before finally landing upside down. The last thing she saw was A girl pulling herself out of the other car. Then it went black.

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