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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Fountain_Pen_Lover on February 2, 2009
"There is only one rule. READ THIS STORY WITH A BRITISH ACCENT! From time to time I ramble, and in my mind (and occasionally out loud) I am doing so with a British Accent. So whenever you see that title, pay attention, and read like you cpome from Wales."

With British Accent

Hmm... writers block has been a very curious thing to me. I recently started suffering from it two months ago. And it has not gone away since. It's like that pesky guest who came to the party figuring that the invitation got "Lost in the mail" It's not that it got lost, there wasn't anything to lose you cant lose something that never existed. Just like that persons invitation. Assumption can go terribly wrong for some.
Back on topic. The case of writers block I have now, is lasting longer than it ever has. It's been 2 months of uncomfortabilty, awkwardness, & avoidance. Of course i mean when it comes to my pens and notebook. I can feel them watching me, (yes, I know) begging me to write. And when I open the notebook, pen at the ready, I can't write!!!!

*Please pay close attention to the title and my comment on the story. It isn't how I wanted if you don't follow the rules.

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