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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Daisy on March 2, 2009
"Duct Tape seems the perfect title for this"

Duct Tape

Scene: A room with no windows. Two large men are arguing. One seems to be deep in thought and the other is visibly frustrated. A petite, pretty young lady sits tied to a chair.

Frank: Give me the duct tape, Hank. Give me the tape! I'll do it!

Hank: I can do it! Just give me a minute.

Frank: Give me the darn tape! You obviously don't have the guts to do it.

Girl (looking at Frank): Please, I'll be quiet. Please don't.

Frank: Shut up!

Hank: Hey, you don't have to shout at her! She was being polite. She said please.

Frank: You've got to be kidding me.

(Frank paces around, hits his forehead a few times, then lunges at Hank. Hank dodges Frank easily. Hank still has the duct tape.)

Frank: Ok, ok. Fine. Take your freaking time. However much time you need!! Just do it!

Hank: But what if she has a stuffy nose. It'll suffocate her and then we'd be guilty of murder. I ain't no murderer, Frank.

Frank: I'll poke a hole in it. Will that make you happy? Then she can breathe. Then, will you get on with it?

Hank: Well...if we put a hole in it, then what's the point?

Frank: I'm going to put a tiny hole in it, see? Then she can breathe but she can't really move her mouth to talk or shout or anything. Look, I'm trying to be patient, but you need to do this before she screams and someone hears her. You want that to happen?! Do ya??

Hank: Ok, YOU are starting to scream at me. They're going to hear you way before they're going to hear her. Haven't you noticed how quiet she has been?

Frank: That's not the point! She's our hostage! We are SUPPOSED to put duct tape on her mouth!! That's how it works!

Hank: Says who? And how will she take the tape off later? The skin on her lips will get ripped right off!

Frank: That's not my concern!! You complete idiot! Why did I ever agree to do this with you? You moron! You stupid....what are you doing? What are you....get away from me! Get away from me with that duct tape!!!

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