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Writing Resources from Fifteen Minutes of Fiction

The following is a piece of writing submitted by Daisy on April 6, 2009
"I wish it were this easy...."

Recipe for authors



1. Find an idea. Let it marinate in your imagination until it is ready for further preparation.

2. Add a sprinkle of words and a dash of punctuation.

3. Use a generous amount of grammar. Correct grammar is preferable, but if you are altering the recipe for a teenage narrator, for example, you may use incorrect grammar.

4. Take the words, grammar and punctuation and form into the shape of sentences.

5. Check the readiness of the sentences by reading them aloud. If the sentences are not ready, stir the words, grammar and punctuation around until they are to your liking.

6. Next, take the sentences and form them into paragraphs, adding a few plot points. As an option, you can add humor, alliteration, symbolism or whatever other literary ingredients you have available.

7. Set aside one plot point and form it into a climactic moment. Use some care in selecting the most ripe plot point.

8. At about the same time you are making the climax, prepare a resolution and stir in slowly.

9. Repeat steps 4 through 6, this time forming paragraphs that give some sense of conclusion.

10. Now, for the presentation. Mandatory: Review what you have created and add an apropos title. Optional: Add illustrations, an epilogue, discussion topics or an "About Author" page.

Voila! Bon apetit!

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