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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Daisy on April 20, 2009
"I really tried to work on meter. Didn't try to rhyme, use correct grammar or even interesting words. But the theme does mean something to me."

Embrace the Beast

Oh my heart was just pounding, like bombs in my chest
And my breath was so shallow, like a train chugging fast
And my vision was blurred, couldn't fix on a point.
I saw walls falling at me from left and from right,
So I clutched at my chest and just ran for the door.
Then, I fell to my knees and I prayed for God's help
'Cuz the door wouldn't open for me to get out.
I felt trapped in myself, in my thoughts, in my mind.
I just wished to be free, to be out of that hell.
Then I heard the beast coming from way down the hall.
Oh, his footsteps were heavy, his shadow so huge.
In a fight with this beast, I just knew I would lose!
I got up and I paced and I walked it all out.
There's no pride in just hiding for who knows how long.
I would fight with the beast! I would face him this time!
As he rounded the corner, I took the first shot.
And then Pow! Without pause, the beast hit me right back.
So I kicked his right shin and I punched his big nose,
Then he did some kung-fu and I fell on my butt.
I reached and I grabbed at a pipe on the ground,
Then I whacked his right knee, then I whacked at his left.
He came down with a crash on his knees...which I'd whacked.
I heard "Ow!" and then sobs. He was hurt and in tears.
"What did I do to YOU?! I'm not mean. I'm just big.
Without hi or hello, you just hit!" the beast said.
I felt bad. I felt mean. I did hit without cause.
So I hugged him and pet him 'til he dried his tears.
Then we shook and agreed to be friends from then on.
Because fear is the beast - You must fight to be free.
You must fight 'til you win, then embrace what you feared.

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