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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Daisy on August 11, 2009

Come down from Everest

Dear Diary,

I can't believe it. We made it! We made it to the top of Everest! Every muscle in my body is quivering from cold and fatigue. My lungs burn from the effort needed to breathe this thin mountain air. My lips feel like crumpled sandpaper.

From where I stand, I see an infinite world around me. My emotions are overwhelming. I feel so filled with joy that I want to cry. My excitement fills me with energy, yet I am so fatigued I want to sleep.

The guides look as happy as I feel, even though they've made this trip before. Making it here once does not guarantee success a second time and they know it. They bask in the glory with me. We cheer and drink hot cocoa to celebrate.

Then, after a long time of absorbing the experience, something pulls me back to earth. I may feel like a god for my achievement, but something very human reminds me that I am not. The cocoa has gone through me and now, I must pee.

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