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The following is a piece of writing submitted by BlackRose on March 29, 2009
"As i am Australian, Spring doesn't 'come' until September so it's a little hard for me to write about the coming spring since we're technically suppose to be in Autumn (even though some dayss are still pretty hot).
Also at my house we have a lot of rose bushes planted along the fence in the front yard. You know it's spring when those roses bloom their fullest and their scent permeates the air."

Aussie Seasons

Under the hot Australian sun
Spring has already gone and done
Awaiting the cool breezes weighing a tonne
Carrying sweet scents like a cinnamon bun

Fall and Winter will soon be here
And we Aussie know there's nothing to fear
Snow doesn't come around or appear
Which makes our brown land very queer

Once September is here we know
The scent of roses on the breeze will flow
And even though our sun always does glow
The arrival of roses brings us our Spring show

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