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The following is a piece of writing submitted by M.Yu on October 16, 2009

A Moment of Your Time

Pardon me sir, with the ravishing eyes,
you caught my attention with your riveting sighs,
You sat on a bench lost in oceans of thought
Your back was bent over, my attention caught.

You did not want company, this I could tell,
But the abandoned air around you, to me, compelled,
And I sat at the opposite end of that bench,
My thirsting curiosity there to be quenched.

You did not see me sitting right by your side,
You looked without seeing and sat without pride,
You murmured of instants when life had gone wrong,
And I hearkened to your voice just like a sweet song.

You talked of moments when love was at war,
and how you regretted walking out that door,
You spoke of minutes that flew by with time,
And felt that your life had been such a crime.

You hinted at times when you wanted to die,
By crushing your soul like a vexatious fly,
But cravenness stopped your quivering hand,
And made you feel guilty at thoughts unplanned.

You bespoke of madness that ruined your life,
And made it fill up with so much pain and strife.
And you said you'd never fall so easy again,
But I could tell from your voice it was only pretend.

And as the sun was setting in the emblazoned sky,
Your words trickled in the wind and went awry,
I finally stood up to tell you farewell,
But you had faded away, like the end of a spell.

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