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The following is a piece of writing submitted by M.Yu on October 22, 2009

Only a Dream When Dreaming of You

I live in blistering truths and dream-fashioned lies
But truly, my heart doesn’t know how to cry.
It can ache for a touch, it can yearn for a kiss
But having nothing remembered, there’s nothing to miss.

I can only imagine the touch of your eyes,
The feel of your lips, the warmth of your sighs –
And even then, this heart will not break,
Just feel the pressure of a dreamed heartache.

There is nothing to miss within shadowed arms
Nothing to lose against midnight charms,
I am living in moments that only I can create,
And inside my mind, you can be my soul mate.

We can waltz to the song that’s hummed by the moon
Or huddle together under a sweet monsoon,
Hold hands in the fading eyes of the light,
And I can sleep in your arms that hold me tight.

We can view, as one, the dance of the sunrise
That kisses your skin and brightens your eyes,
We can laugh together under blissful stars
And bask in this moment that we call only ours.

But in dream-fashioned lies there is blistering truth
That splinter the moments into moments uncouth,
And while I am left just dreaming of you
It is still only a dream that shall never come true.

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