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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Audrey_E_Marquis on October 31, 2009

So Long

The night is
so long
when everything
is a murmur.
My brain flutters,
whirls and buzzes,
makes it hard
for me to sleep.
Outside, the night
is waiting,
waiting for me
to give up,
to don my jacket
and make a break
for it
to lounge out
under the stars
to take a breath
and then exhale
the thousands
of words tumbling
aimlessly in the
closet of my mind.
To exhale them
into the sky
to let them soar
and unencumbered
like bats taking wing
like a wish jetting to
one of those
pin pricks of light.
And the night is so long
and still I lie here
Waiting for sleep
waiting for quiet
waiting for time
to slow down.

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