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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Audrey_E_Marquis on November 2, 2009
"I had a friend, she was a friend, but she hurt me quite badly...this is about the struggle to forgive, and the destructive turn our friendship took. I wasn't trying for a set meter....the meter is really jacked up, actually. "


You pull me down
to wade within the muck
I try to swim
but my limbs become stuck

Why this game?
Why the pretense of friendship?
It's always the same,
you just don't give a rip!

I lapse into sin
I try to climb out
I only get wedged in
filled with shame and doubt

How I hate my own soul
when I am near you!
I'll never be whole,
because you don't want me to.

I love you, I hate you
my heart is a mess
sister, be true
your sins, do confess.

I want to be friends
but can it be so?
I fear it's the end
but I can't let go.

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