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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Audrey_E_Marquis on October 15, 2012
"I'm not sure why I've begun doing this distanced style on this site, but I like playing with it. "

Seeing Truly

The world whirs past in a smear. So much to see, and even if I go my fastest, I will only see so much. I will never see enough. But still, I move.

Cities wiz by, their spires cutting into the skyline and rising like a child's Lego adventures. But I never stay to wonder how they were made. I have so much more to see.

Country pastures blur together, each one blending into the next as I gasp for breath and pause for just a moment to gather my strength for the plunge into movement, the great race to live while I'm still alive.

And then, fortunately, I realize. What am I doing? At this rate, I will see much, but never TRULY see. I will never have memories of all these places, I will have check-marks in boxes and nothing more.

I linger, and try to memorize the particular feeling of a warm breeze on a sunny day, the smell of the world after rain when everything feels alive and newly awakened. I run to the sea and crash against the waves, savoring the aroma of salt and light and so many thing under the surface.

I wonder of the places I will never see, the wonders that will never touch me with their magic.

But I have control of one thing: how truly I FEEL what I see today.

I see, and it has changed me.

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