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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Tim on November 15, 2009
"I didnt really have any clear idea with this poem. I just went with the flow of my often stressed mind. Hope you like it."

Driving in the Rain

Gridlock madness once again
I find myself within the din
Grumbling metal and restless man
Numbered like the endless sands

Suddenly the sky recalls
a long sad day before the fall
Its sudden greif fills the clouds
Then rain begans to tumble down

Metal turns to meet the sky
Then heads turn up a thousand eyes
Each dreams about the great deluge
That swallowed earth in dreaded doom.

The frozen stream of metal tombs
Freezes as the living muse
The painted glass that seems to weep
Flows like souls roused from sleep

Anger seems to bleed away
As day darkens with the rain
Drivers now not driven by
engine grunts and burning sighs

So freedom comes to jailed souls
For but a moment they are home
Not grief Not fear Not daily pain
Is present in the magic rain

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