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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Kenzie Fell Down on April 4, 2008
"Not quite following the prompt, but..."

Buffo Uccello

Ah, a cake. A...walking cake. I figure I might as well follow it, since I have nothing better to do (except follow the skipping tomato). The cake is walking faster now, leaping from cliff to cliff, it's so hard to keep up. Wait... I am rudely jerked from my deep sleep by a growling, loud and reverberating. The car beneath me is shaking now, easing backwards. In alarm I leap into the air, wings unfurling. Catching a swift updraft, I slip over the road, weaving back and forth, following it in a direction I've never gone before. Ahead, a big open space. A parking lot, good source of sustenance for any wayfaring traveler. I flutter to the ground, landing only a bit unsteadily. I ruffle my feathers and peer about discreetly. Ha ha, humans are such silly creatures, they never even notice when you take some of their delicious food. Of course, that's what they get for leaving it lying about in the first place. I am nibbling quietly at a delectable scrap of pizza when, from behind me, I hear a snicker. I turn about to glare at whomever dares to mock me, then start a little at what I see. A thin, runty human is gazing right at me. Afraid that he may want his pizza back, I prepare to vault into the sky. But the human is giggling again. This is just too much. I stalk towards it, intent on showing it just who's in charge, only to be taken aback yet again. The human begins to move as well, stepping out awkwardly with its ungainly toeless feet, arms folded at its sides. It is impersonating me! I ruffle my feathers, in rather a huff now, but can you blame me? I squawk raucously at the little pretender, then turn my back on it. It squawks back. Well, not to be outdone, I screech louder than before, and the human again repeats the sound. And laughs. Actually, I find it kind of humorous myself, but I'm not going to let it know that. I look around, then slowly take a few careful, painfully slow steps forward, dropping my wings down straight and stretching myself up as tall as I can. I stare straight into the little creature's eye and and loudly speak, 'Guess who I am?' The human just stands there, looking nonplussed. A small pink cake drops from its now limp left hand. Smiling to myself, I leap forward and snatch the treat up, lofting high into the air. Let's see it do that.

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