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The following is a piece of writing submitted by lady di on December 7, 2009
"I was introduced to this website in my latest issue of The Writer and I think I'm gonna like it."

Taking The Plunge

The timer was running, hastily ticking off those pesky numerals faster than each breath she took. Her brain clicked rapidly firing off words and letters within her consciousness, creating a rubbish pile within her mind. Then her sweat glands started pummeling the surface of her forehead with specks of perspiration and she started feeling the pressure bubble inside. What should she write about? What did she possibly have to say to anyone that would sound remotely compelling? Her decades of life had been wholesome, happy, exciting and wonderful; but when she tried to recal just one single episode that was meaningful, she drew a blank. Had it all been a dream? Was she going to awaken in 2 minutes and 45 seconds to the brutal truth that she truly had nothing worthwhile to say? This was awful. The desperation and panic grew. She glanced up. Wait a minute! The timer on her screen read 19:32 and no doomsday scenario had ocurred. She noticed that her forehead had cooled a bit and she had stopped shaking so badly. And, she had several lines, no sentences written before her. Her words, her very own thoughts. Sure, maybe they were corny, or worse yet, smitten with blatant inexperience. And maybe many people would smirk. But, maybe, just maybe ... She made the mental commitment as she eagerly hit the submit key.

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