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The following is a piece of writing submitted by lady di on October 26, 2010



Whether hot and cranky,
and mottled with dust;
in a vehicle that's seen better days,

Or huddled and shivering,
tucked beneath all available warmth;
in a tent full of cramped disarray.

Whether exhausted, but raring to go,
stomach grumbling, but with no time to waste;
disputing a map or a previously made plan,

Or well rested, and swamped with leisure,
gently reclining after eating our fill;
praising Nature's vast and glorious span.

Whether anticipating some amusements to come,
or glancing back at a historic moment in time;
eagerly we set out upon our new travel adventure.

Or perhaps taking a totally random route,
or a spur of the moment sidetracking of the whim;
we'll return enlightened and wealthier in spirit,
This gain, all our traverses do most definitely ensure!

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