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The following is a piece of writing submitted by lady di on November 10, 2010
"This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: flower, clear-cut, thriller, fellow, cross-eyed, Roman alphabet, permission"


He handed her the flower, casting his eyes downward quickly in order to avoid her cross-eyed wink. What was a fellow to do in this situation? The indications for all that he dreaded were right there before him. It was a clear-cut case - she was stalking him! He trembled inside as she slowly moved the note across the table towards him with her manicured finger. He caught only part of the message written on the crumpled paper in Roman alphabet style. But it was enough. She tapped it gently, as if granting him permission to read it. A shiver ran up and down his spine. This was much worse than that psycho thriller he had seen with his girlfriend last week. This was real! And it was happening to him. He wondered if he had enough time to nonchalantly reach for his pocketknife.

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