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The following is a piece of writing submitted by lady di on December 21, 2010
"Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2011!"

Tiny Tears

"Baaa, Baaa," the little creature bleated. "What is that sound Mamma? Why doesn't our master do something? It sounds like the sky is falling. Something terrible is going to happen!" The tiny lamb was so frightened, and he was trembling all over. He tried to scramble underneath his mother for protection. His mother turned her head and gently nudged him, comforting him with a tender kiss. "My little dear, there is no need to worry. Something most wonderful is happening! Now don't be afraid, and look up into the sky. See that sparkling star - the one that's far brighter than any star you've ever seen before? And listen quietly, don't cover your ears... nothing will hurt you. Hear the message from above. It is very important, and it is very joyful. Do you remember when I told you about God, our father in heaven? He is far greater than any man or animal can possibly imagine! He is the master of our universe. He loves us more than I could even love you. And you know that I love you with my whole being. Today he gave the world, a miraculous gift! A baby boy, his only son. He will be the King, the Savior, of the entire human race. He will love them all equally, no matter what their station in life. And he will gladly forgive all of their sins and welcome them into his kingdom of Heaven above to live in eternity with Him, and God the Almighty Father, and all the departed souls, and the Angels, and the saints who have gone before us. And all the animal kingdom will have a special place under God's care too. For God would never create anything so wonderful, as a little lamb like you, only to see it disappear into oblivion when it grows old and dies. That is not noise that you hear coming from above, that is beautiful music with a life changing announcement of the birth of the baby Jesus Christ! He is lying, not far from here, with his mother and father, in a stable. Some of your kinfolk are there with Him now. So, be calm, my child. I would never let anything happen to you. This event is so powerful, and so awesome, that it is beyond understanding - even from people like our master, who knows a lot of things, especially about sheep. He will take care of us, and I will take care of you. Don't try to consider this with your brain, try instead to feel it with your heart." The lamb, which had been reassured by his mother's soothing tone and gentle words, sat on his haunches and gazed up. He tilted his head and perked his ears to listen. He didn't try to understand. He just tried to feel. The rest of the flock joined in. And there they all sat, including their master, for the remainder of that wonderful Star-bright evening. And tears of happiness streamed from every face, animal and human alike. For that is what happens when a gift - so precious, profound, and beyond all intellectual understanding and comprehension, is given and received in the very heart of all whom it touches. May the warmth and peace of Christmas fill your heart all year long!

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