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The following is a piece of writing submitted by lady di on March 4, 2011
"This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: heavy, noise, diner"


The bells jingle their dull emotionless greeting
as I step - alone again - through that familiar door.
The same polite nods and patronizing smiles assail me.
As they have done for far too many times before.

I snag the booth nearest the most secluded corner,
bumping the gumball machine bolted to the black-and-white floor;
and stare blindly at the already memorized, sticky menu
briefly trying to forget which day's "blue plate special" was in store.

The mundane chatter and typical diner small-talk abounds;
along with the political commentary and predictions, which I most abhor.
So I effortlessly tune out all the noise and kitchen clamor
And focus on my paper’s enticing headlines of glamour and gore.

A chubby hand places a heavy stark-white plate upon my table
piled high with meat slices ladled over with chunky cream gravy galore.
I instinctively feel for the bottle of pink stuff in my pocket -
the assurance of its comfort being an added part of my daily eating chore.

I glance out through the soapy, water streaked windows;
preparing to head out to the dull darkened pavement once more.
Placing the standard change on my table and then standing,
I share the rote exchanged with the cashier as leaving…
knowing tomorrow will only bring an encore.

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