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The following is a piece of writing submitted by lady di on April 23, 2011
"I always disliked the saying, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Words certainly can hurt, but we can also grow from them."

Harsh Words, Difficult Lessons

It feels like a fiery blade
piercing the core of my being,
a sudden blatant halt
to any word - thought - or pondering -
that has the audacity to desire
to escape the confines of my mouth.
An inconsequential sharing
of my open heart and soul and mind
with the sealed ears of others
who desire no such exchange.
It twists and sears
in its horrible lingering subjugation.
Silencing me in its hurtful stabbing.
Its knife-like accuracy slowly kills
all the importance and value
I may have at one moment
felt that I possessed.
But my contribution was unsought
and the hoped-for significance, nonexistent.
The burning ache, however,
gradually dissipates and
realization and understanding
eventually ebbs its soothing way
in its stead…
into the recesses of my soul,
creating a healing numbness
to further damage.
Because the truth often does hurt,
but the one Truth always
eagerly welcomes and lovingly sustains me.
And, I believe he clings to my every word
and listens to my innermost voice,
considering everything I impart
as most worthy input.
For being tuned out by someone,
gives me the perfect opportunity
to swallow my pride and “tune in”
to the only One who matters!

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