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The following is a piece of writing submitted by lady di on August 24, 2011
"This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: excavate, saleswoman, sunken, intact, vulture"

The Hunt

The saleswoman eyed our motley looking crew with suspicion
as she slid the shovel and rope across the counter toward us.

We were on a mission, a search for a promised treasure.
We would begin to excavate at dawn the next morning,
when our future was bright.

It was dusty, dirty, demeaning work.
It utilized every last ounce of energy we possessed.
Still the job remained incomplete, and our digging continued.
We still retained hope that we would find the ancient relic.

Deeper and deeper we found ourselves swallowed into the earth,
in quest of the sunken article that would more than amply satisfy our appetite.
So certain of reaching our goal and striking it rich, we plodded on
with our spirit intact though our bodies were withering.
A hungry vulture circled above just as sure of an eventual meal.

Perhaps the old bat was right.
Maybe there were better ways of wasting our time.

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