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The following is a piece of writing submitted by lady di on October 20, 2011
"This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: practice, exterminate, insect, misled, turtle"

Ballad Of An Unfortunate SWAT Team

Full of eagerness,
and fresh out of school,
he headed for his first day of work.

He was new to the practice,
but had been well trained and
pumped with confidence by an "old hat".

Theirs was the necessary job
to exterminate - to heroically rid the home
of any uninvited guests of the pest and critter variety.

They sat in the office making small talk
until the phone interrupted their chatter suddenly.
It was the first big order of the morning and he was selected to respond.

A young, soft-spoken, single woman was frantic -
she had espied a most grotesque and unwelcome insect,
and she was certain that her house was swarming with other like vermin!

Could they please come and save her
from the ravages of this horrible creature?!
He assured her vehemently of his rescue capabilities, and fled on his way.

But alas, his gallant effort was all for naught.
He was hindered in his quest by an unfortunate twist of fate -
His reliable companion, MapQuest, had cruelly and devastatingly misled him.

He arrived in a cloud of dust at her castle, but it was too late!
Another brave knight had emerged and conquered long before him,
and now unwittingly stole all the praise, worship and affection that should have been his.

He stood in utter disbelief and rejection,
staring at her beautiful form sparkling in the sunlight
as tears streamed her pretty face and her arms caressed the victor.

It was her neighbor’s pet turtle, Prince,
who fearlessly accomplished the daring deed as he nonchalantly
strolled across the yard to get some fresh air and find some breakfast.

Appearing at the scene of the chaos quite by accident,
this four-legged champion caught a glimpse of the tasty looking morsel
which - unbeknownst to him was the cause of all the early day commotion.

He crept up to it
in a manner unique to his species,
opened his mouth, and quickly devoured the opponent!

The moral of this saga is: Take your time to eat breakfast, it could quite possibly be the most important meal of your day!

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