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The following is a piece of writing submitted by lady di on July 23, 2012
"This post is a Grab Bag which uses the following words: pitch"

Friendly Uproar

The excitement in the air
grows palpably as the stadium gradually fills -
with mostly red clad devotees.
The smell of an anticipated competition
intensifies as the quantity of sweat, beer spills,
and greasy brat wrappers increases along with crowd size.
The sounds of crunching peanut shells, skipping children,
jovial cursing and guffawing, and low statistical consultations
contribute to the atmosphere of
heightening happy comraderie.
American pride swells as Star-Spangled strains
rise above the clouds.
Temporary pauses of murmer-filled gossip and laughter
are intermingled with the enduring deafening gasps
of chaotic liesure-time fun.
This tune sets the stage and
becomes alternately interspersed with
loud echoing bursts of cheering and even sometimes booing
as the starting lineups are ticked off - player by player.
Then, finally,
the first pitch...
And, the entire town explodes
into an uncatchable and fan-tastical volcanic fury.
"Go Crazy Folks, Go CRAZY!"

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