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The following is a piece of writing submitted by AKwriter on December 21, 2009

Santa Job Inquiry

Dear Santa,

I've already heard that it's a tough economy now and that we all have to do with less so that everyone has something, so I'm not writing you with my wishlist this year. I would like to apply for a job. I know you can't be everywhere all the time, and the task of tracking who's naughty and who's nice requires many special agents. I believe I have what it takes to be your special agent in my neighborhood.

Although I may only be ten, I already have several years of experience journaling on my own. I got an A+ in handwriting, but if you prefer email or Twitter, I have access to a computer at home. I have a side job walking many neighbor's dogs, and you can imagine what I learn about a family from their dog. I also have several other easy reasons to check up on people, like playing with the younger kids while their moms cook dinner and watering flowers.

I am attaching a sample of my weekly log for you to inspect a sample week of neighborhood monitoring and I think you will find me to be quite thorough and unbiased. Note that I did not fail to omit the time my mom asked me to clean my room and I forgot.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope this little arrangement will work out.


-----, age 10

P.S. Sorry about all the mint cookies last year; that was the only batch that didn't sell too well. I'll go back to fudge this year.

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